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To ask if anyone can recommend a diet plan to follow when you are pregnant!

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mameulah Sat 20-Dec-14 21:30:25

I am pregnant for the third time in two years. I cannot put more weight and with general fatigue and a lot bit of low self esteem I am struggling to be sensible on my own.

Any advice or diet plans much appreciated. My preferred choice would be weightwatchers but they won't let me subscribe.

Mmolly2013 Sat 20-Dec-14 21:32:57

Slimming world are recommended for pregnant women. They give you special leaflets in class related to pregnancy smile

Fluffyears Sat 20-Dec-14 21:33:55

You can follow slimming world whilst pregnant. It's not calorie deficient and is actually just a healthy eating pla but does work. I lost 5 stone, slipped up though and back at it.

Fanfeckintastic Sat 20-Dec-14 21:39:22

Definitely slimming world. I was overweight when I got pregnant but after I had DD I was back down to my still overweight weight within a week or two of having her. Just try to be sensible, don't put too much pressure on yourself but remember that the "extra calories" that are recommended for a pregnant woman are only the equivalent to about a glass of milk. This little snippet really worked for me to stop me over indulging! Best of luck and congratulations!

StockingFullOfCoal Sat 20-Dec-14 21:48:03

Another Slimming World vote here too. TTC at the mo and already had the go ahead from GP and Leader to continue when if I get pregnant.

Gawjushun Sat 20-Dec-14 22:37:58

Yep, Slimming World across the board! I am re-joining in the new year and will be TTCing. I think you get an extra HEX A and HEX B each day (portion of dairy, and portion of bread/cereal for those who haven't done SW before) while pregnant, but otherwise the plan is the same. I found the plan helped in general with my energy levels, so it's probably good for pregnancy.

TattyDevine Sat 20-Dec-14 23:04:39

Slimming world is okay for pregnancy, they give you extra healthy extras, and the food list QUANTITIES are not restricted.

I did it when pregnant with my 2nd, though hopefully you will get a better "leader" than mine, who lectured me and dressed me down in front of a group of women, and I left very upset, because I was happy that in a fortnight I stayed the same.

She rang me at home afterwards, and said "are you breastfeeding or something?". I then reminded her that I was pregnant (which I thought was really blantantly obvious) and she said "oooohhhhh"

I didn't go back! But don't let it put you off doing the programme, even if it did me!

TattyDevine Sat 20-Dec-14 23:05:19

She did have the details of my pregnancy on my card, btw!

Discopanda Sat 20-Dec-14 23:19:47

Without wanting to state the obvious, please speak to your midwife first, it's frustrating when you have no control over your pregnancy weight gain but try not to be too hard on yourself. Just try to focus on eating plenty of fruit and veg and lean protein, and have a bit of what you fancy.

comedycentral Sun 21-Dec-14 07:43:01

I know it has been said before but slimming world will really help you keep track and the image therapy will boost your confidence smile

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