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To leave the price tag on a secret Santa gift so that the recipient knows how much the item is worth?

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OriginalGreenGiant Sat 20-Dec-14 11:59:51

Ok so it's not quite as awful as the title sounds.

We do Secret Santa at work in a team of 10. We're taking gifts in on Monday. The spend limit was £20 and we're all fairly good friends, open with each other, can tease and mess about etc.

The person I got dropped some huge hints to the air around her that she could do with a new purse - fab, I knew what to get.

So I've bought said purse, which cost £18. I found it in a factory outlet, and the rrp was £140 shock

It's beautiful, a very well known (if overpriced IMO) brand, real leather and all the rest. It was the last one there, there were no others with such a massive discount and I (guiltily as I bought it) had a suspicion it may well have been mispriced. Anyway, it qualifies as my bargain of the year, nothing else has come close.

I said to dh I was going to leave the label on showing the rrp. It's the type of talking point that we would discuss afterwards - a shared 'OMG how was that so cheap?' type of convo. I've got no intention of suggesting I actually spent that amount and it's not meant in a 'wow look what I bought you' way at ALL. I just thought it would be interesting iyswim?

Dh thinks this is a very poor show and I should take the tag off.


MrsPigling Sat 20-Dec-14 12:02:13

I'd be tempted to pop £2 inside the purse (isn't supposed to be unlucky to give an empty purse as a present) and a little note to say you found it at the factory outlet and it was a bargain. So price tag off, but explanation given smile

NaiceNickname Sat 20-Dec-14 12:02:38

DH is right. By all means mention it afterwards if you really want to boast about your bargain, but leaving the tag on is quite tacky.

OriginalGreenGiant Sat 20-Dec-14 12:04:06

Isn't it supposed to be silver jn a new purse? I've put a ten pence in lol.

OriginalGreenGiant Sat 20-Dec-14 12:05:33

I really don't want to put a note in! That just looks so...prim/braggy.

The way these secret Santas go you tend to always find out who's got who anyway.

SaucyJack Sat 20-Dec-14 12:05:33

Surely it should be obvious from handling it that it's an expensive, luxury item?

IBelieveInPink Sat 20-Dec-14 12:05:43

Ha. I'd leave it on. Sounds like you are all quite close anyway and will be having a discussion about it after.... So id leave it on to see the moment of shock!
Like the idea of putting £2 in it too

OriginalGreenGiant Sat 20-Dec-14 12:06:59

It's definitely a beautiful purse...not something I would say was worth £140 mind, it's like most expensive items I suppose, you pay for the brand.

OriginalGreenGiant Sat 20-Dec-14 12:09:23

So id leave it on to see the moment of !

Ha, I suppose that's it. The thought that anyone would spend £140 when they should have spent £20 I think I'd quite like to see her 'wtf' face for a minute or two!

TheSpottedZebra Sat 20-Dec-14 12:11:47

Ooh, this is surely the only time when it is better to leave the price on. If you told her after, it would seem like you were possibly lying and showing off about how much you could afford to spend.

TheSpottedZebra Sat 20-Dec-14 12:12:06

What brand it is it? (nosy!)

KillmeNow Sat 20-Dec-14 12:12:26

I wouldnt leave the price tag on. If I got something with the price tag very obviously left on - a swinging tag rather than a discrete inside sticker for example,I might assume it was a fake and think less of it.Things from the market often have these wildly inflated prices which no-one in their right mind would pay so I might think it was from there and you were an innocent who thought I would fall for it.

If it is good quality and a recognised name she will surely know that herself and the conversation will ensue anyway.

Put the £2 coin in too smile

TENDTOprocrastinate Sat 20-Dec-14 12:25:09

I'd leave it on- defo a good talking point!

OriginalGreenGiant Sat 20-Dec-14 12:27:30

It's Alexander Mcqueen...just been googling but there are thousands and can't find the exact one.

Before anyone says it (!) it's definitely genuine, it's a very well known outlet and I really don't think they'd risk selling dodgy fakes. The box it came in was battered to hell (so i just took it matter) but the purse was perfect. The box probably had something to do with the mark down but even so I wonder if it 'should' have been marked to £81 not £18...not about to look a gift horse in the mouth though!

HoHonutty Sat 20-Dec-14 12:30:58

Definitely leave it on and then let us know what she says.

Personally I would keep it and get her a bottle of champagne....

StickyProblem Sat 20-Dec-14 12:32:44

Leave it on. If I received it the genuine original high price tag would help me enjoy it even more. When I get stuff from TK Maxx I sometimes take the TK price label off, leave the RRP label on, and have a little gloat to myself smile

OriginalGreenGiant Sat 20-Dec-14 12:35:12

Hohonutty...the thought had crossed my mind blush

I debated keeping it then nipping to River Island and getting her an actual £20 purse. But I suspect know because my big mouthed sister told me that my mum has bought me a purse for Xmas so didn't want to rain on her parade.

SaucyJack Sat 20-Dec-14 12:38:30

I shouldn't worry about leaving the tag on then.

If she knows the label, she'll realise the value of it anyway (even if she doesn't know the exact RRP).

Well done tho. Beats the usual Baylis and Harding crap.

TheCowThatLaughs Sat 20-Dec-14 12:38:58

I would leave it on too (and consider keeping it for myself!)

tiredvommachine Sat 20-Dec-14 12:42:18

Leave the label on and yes, put the change in the purse as it's supposed to be bad luck to give an empty purse as a gift.

I think you've played a blinder and your recipient will be thrilled! Hope you get something equally nice fsmile

MrsBigginsPieShop Sat 20-Dec-14 12:43:46

Good work! Leave it on! I'd put a cheque in for £2 if it were me ��

TheSpottedZebra Sat 20-Dec-14 12:47:49

McQueen! Wow.

Yeah, I'd keep it too, and buy a £20 purse for her. So you're nicer than me!

Ijustdontknowwhattodowithmysel Sat 20-Dec-14 13:04:19

Where is this from!!!!

TheIronGnome Sat 20-Dec-14 13:04:45

Definitely leave it on!

I would keep it

Rooberoobe Sat 20-Dec-14 13:50:29

If there is no tag she might think its fake and not realise it's true value.

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