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To wonder how long it'll be before mcdonalds is open Xmas day.

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letsplaynice Sat 20-Dec-14 11:51:07

I in no way want this but their opening hours this year are crazy shut at 10 Xmas eve open again 8 on Boxing Day then only shut 8pm till 8am Hogmanay it makes me a bit sad hmm

LongDistanceLove Sat 20-Dec-14 11:55:01

Why? If you don't want to go there, don't go. Free market and that.

LittleBearPad Sat 20-Dec-14 11:56:04

Why is this a problem. Most shops (esp supermarkets) won't be so dissimilar?

HowMuchMoreWee Sat 20-Dec-14 11:56:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HowMuchMoreWee Sat 20-Dec-14 11:57:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CMOTDibbler Sat 20-Dec-14 11:59:47

One near us is open christmas morning. Doesn't bother me - lots of people will be driving somewhere, and theres plenty of the long distance lorry drivers over from europe who will want something hot to eat thats not in their cab

gobbynorthernbird Sat 20-Dec-14 12:00:00

Is it ok that 'naice' restaurants are open on Xmas day, all night New Years Eve, etc?

SinglePringle Sat 20-Dec-14 12:02:17

Some people (myself included) find this time of year hugely difficult for all manner of reasons. I'm not a fan of McDonalds and never eat it but if it being open meant people who were struggling could find somewhere to go where they could see other faces, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

Fourarmsv2 Sat 20-Dec-14 12:06:03

People used to fight over Christmas Day shifts at the McDs I worked in whilst at uni. Many didn't celebrate Christmas so wanted the BH pay rates!

DandyHighwayman Sat 20-Dec-14 12:07:50

Gobby a good question

OP why are you a bit sad?

badgerknowsbest Sat 20-Dec-14 12:09:12

Not everyone celebrates christmas, some people spend christmas alone, people may be travelling long distances to visit friends and family.

Is it just McDonald's you mind being open on Christmas or are all the pubs and restaurants that will be open also cause you some offence? At least McDonald's don't over inflate their prices because it's Christmas Day grin

TooManyMochas Sat 20-Dec-14 12:10:22

It makes me sad too because I feel like people working in retail / catering just don't get a break. For example our local Toys R Us are making a big thing of opening first thing on Boxing Day. Who on earth wants to buy more toys that close to Christmas Day.

icclemunchy Sat 20-Dec-14 12:11:38

Our drive through is open xmas day, a lot of the staff don't celebrate xmas so don't mind working and get paid extra.

DP gets dispatched to pick up breakfast whilst I tidy up the wrapping paper grin

ilovesooty Sat 20-Dec-14 12:12:28

Lots of people are alone St Christmas. Not everyone has the glowing family round a table to look forward to. Why shouldn't McDonald's and other places open at Christmas is they have customers?
Instead of feeling sad try having a little imagination and empathy for those outside your experience.

SpringBreaker Sat 20-Dec-14 12:13:51

Plenty of people in this country do not celebrate Xmas and it has no meaning to them. Should shops close for all religious holidays? The workers get statutory holidays so they don't lose out. Yabu

ilovesooty Sat 20-Dec-14 12:15:32

In fact I'm pretty sure that McDonalds will be open on Christmas day where I'm going.

chipsandpeas Sat 20-Dec-14 12:15:50

id love mcdonalds to be open on christmas morning, then i can go and buy bacon and sausage muffins rather than trying to recreate them at home

in all seriousness it wouldnt bother me if they were open on xmas day they would serve a need for some people like they do all year round

im surre the mcdonalds on princes street in edinburgh is open on new years day if its not these days it was about 18 years ago when i done a stint working in mcdonalds and they needed extra staff to go thru

JudgeyHotPants Sat 20-Dec-14 12:21:56

I always feel sorry for the staff at places that open over the Christmas period. Special mention goes to the staff at Next who have to get up at silly o' clock on Boxing Day, the day after Xmas, and then have to deal deal with rabid idiots ransacking the place a soon as the doors open at 7am.

I know it's part and parcel of working in retail, but these people should be allowed to spend time with their families as well. Surely people can cope without everything being open until the day after Boxing Day?

ilovesooty Sat 20-Dec-14 12:26:21

I don't want to cope with things being shut until the day after Boxing day personally. I'd offer to work if my employers were open. I'm very grateful that various places are open over the Christmas period.Shops open as the customers are there. Not everyone has a family to be with and it's nice not to be totally isolated for days.

PortofinoVino Sat 20-Dec-14 12:28:29

It makes me sad too because I feel like people working in retail / catering just don't get a break. said TooManyMochas

Some people CHOOSE to work Christmas Day and NY Day confused

HeraldAngelSinging Sat 20-Dec-14 12:29:58

Oh, OP! Should hospitals close, Police, fire fighters, coastguards, RNLI, hospices? Is the gas network and the national electricity grid totally computerised? What about those who respond to gas emergency calls?

I think you've dug a hole for yourself.

MaryWestmacott Sat 20-Dec-14 12:30:32

why are those opening hours 'crazy'? Seriously, lots of people grab a MacyDs on the way home from a night out, and lots of people do go out on Christmas Eve (specially round here, it's heaving in every pub). Most restaurants and fast food places will be open on Christmas eve.

On Boxing day a lot of people are travelling home from seeing family/going to see family or going to the Boxing day sales, they tend to do a lot of trade for breakfasts on the go, so it makes sense to open. If the trains are running on Boxing day I'm sure the costa coffee in our train station will also be open.

McDonalds isn't somewhere I frequent, mainly because the only one in our town is a bit out of the way, but I wouldn't think it shocking that people get fast food over the festive period.

And as others have said, not everyone celebrates Christmas.

JudgeyHotPants Sat 20-Dec-14 12:30:43

But why should shops have to open just to accommodate people who may or may not have have family to spend it with? I've never ever been shopping on Boxing Day, and can't see why anyone would want to either? As far as I'm concerned it's a day for chilling and sobbing out after Xmas.

Years ago shops closed early on Xmas eve and don't open again until the 27th. People managed perfectly well, the world didn't come to an end.

Titsalinabumsquash Sat 20-Dec-14 12:31:27

When I lived in NZ the KFC was open on Christmas Day, it was quite busy too.

I don't see an issue with things being open as long as the employees aren't being made to work in fear of losing their jobs if they don't type thing. I know some people volunteer/want to work on the day but many don't.

RayBloodyPurchase Sat 20-Dec-14 12:31:35

The one opposite my house is open 7-7 xmas day. Breakfast wrap on the way to the ILs? Don't mind if I do!

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