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to get a baby on board badge

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ghostspirit Fri 19-Dec-14 16:18:44

As above would it BU to get a baby on board badge. sometimes im happy to stand other times could really do with a seat. do people even take notice of them. im not really sure what i think of them.

Thurlow Fri 19-Dec-14 16:24:55

I loved mine. I'm a short arse so on a busy Tube sometimes it was difficult for people to see that I was pregnant, especially in winter with a coat on. Or in the early stages when it wasn't very obvious but I was as sick as a pig.

I also liked the fact that it might stop people from jostling you as much - it was that as much as a seat that I wanted mine for. Not that I ever really had a problem getting a seat. And if you don't feel like you need a seat, you can just take the badge off.

They're not always very popular on here though grin

SaucyJack Fri 19-Dec-14 16:27:33

Go for it. No one gets a prize for struggling in pregnancy.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Fri 19-Dec-14 16:28:19

As a commuter I like them. That way I am saved the "is she fat or is she pregnant" mental anguish and can safely offer a seat. I was quite confident stroppy about asking for a seat when I was pregnant but I know that is not everyone's style so I think the badges are a good thing.

BananaToast Fri 19-Dec-14 16:34:32

I've got one (22 weeks pregnant). I figure I'm happy enough to stand if I have to but if someone offers me a seat that's lovely. I wouldn't ask for a seat unless I absolutely need one but will often get offered one with my badge on. I don't look obviously pregnant with coat etc on so it's useful. Some people pretend they haven't noticed it but I'd say 75% of the time someone will offer a seat.

As a passenger, when I'm not pregnant I love them too as they take any guesswork out of the equation. If someone has one on it means they would appreciate being offered a seat. No potential for offence to be caused.

nicelyneurotic Fri 19-Dec-14 18:20:19

It depends if you're pregnant smile
If you are, YANBU.

However, I don't think I ever got offered a seat wearing mine.

divingoffthebalcony Fri 19-Dec-14 18:21:10

Of course! It's easy for people not to notice a bump in a winter coat.

whois Fri 19-Dec-14 18:30:56

Very R to have one! Much easier to offer a seat to a woman with a baby on board badge than to someone who may it may not just be fat!

penelopicon Fri 19-Dec-14 18:35:52

Mine was a lifesaver - I worked in central London and people did notice it and give me a seat in the vast majority of cases. Makes a nice keepsake too now :-)

greeneggsandsocks Fri 19-Dec-14 19:28:24

Definitely get one. DP for one always gives up his seat if he sees a lady wearing one. He says he hates it when he isn't sure enough to offer his seat in case he offends a non pg lady.

Gawjushun Fri 19-Dec-14 19:32:44

Do it. Didn't have many people offering their seats because of it, but it was very nice when they did!

EmilyGilmore Fri 19-Dec-14 19:33:48

Oh they make me cringe.

WhereIsMyGin Fri 19-Dec-14 19:40:03

I think they have their uses. But I think they can be seen as a bit passive aggressive if the woman just stands there like a martyr waiting to be offered a seat (and fuming silently inside). I keep mine in my bag, then pin it on if I know I am going to ask for a seat anyway (saves explaining I'm preg before I'm really showing). Some shorter journeys I'm happy to stand if I'm feeling ok, so I don't wear it. So personally I wear it to back up my asking for a seat but don't expect it to magic offers up out of nowhere as that just leads to frustration!

Ruperta Fri 19-Dec-14 19:41:21

Going against the grain but I got one and only wore it once. I think I'm quite introverted and wearing a badge which shouted 'I'm pregnant' & essentially 'give me your seat' made me feels bit uncomfortable. That's just me though.

I never had any problems getting a seat in the later stages of pregnancy during my daily commute & otherwise I only ever really wished for a seat in the really early weeks of pregnancy 6/9weeks (which for me are full of nausea & fatigue) but nobody except me & partner knew then so I certainly didn't want to wear a badge!

ocelot41 Fri 19-Dec-14 19:42:00

Definitely do it. People don't want to get it wrong and offer a seat to someone who is just overweight

Mammanat222 Fri 19-Dec-14 19:44:58

They aren't for me (36w with number 2) and I personally find them a bit "look at me" even though I know there are practical reasons for them

I am heavily and obviously pregnant and still rarely get offered a seat. Not sure how useful a badge would be when the majority of the commuting public don't offer seats to women who are 8 months pregnant !!!

ghostspirit Fri 19-Dec-14 20:37:22

i have never been offered a seat so far. im 21 weeks pregnant and showing.. i did get offered a seat in my last pregnancy when i almost fainted....

i did wonder if the badges were a bit in ya face. not sure how much notice people would take of a little badge

Discopanda Fri 19-Dec-14 20:43:55

I've ordered one this time round but keep forgetting to wear it when I get the train to places!

southeastastra Fri 19-Dec-14 20:47:00

who cares though if they are 'in your face' when i was commuting my friend used to shout 'lady with baby' and people got up. it was quite funny but very helpful!

BIWI Fri 19-Dec-14 20:47:06

Why on earth would they make you cringe?!

I use the tube every day, and I have to say I have never seen anyone wearing these badges not be offered a seat.

So YANBU to get one. If you need a seat, this is the best way to get one.

divingoffthebalcony Fri 19-Dec-14 20:47:17

Don'that wait to get offered a seat - that will never happen. People will assume you are happy to stand.

I always used to target someone in the priority seat and ask really nicely. I figured being super friendly and polite meant people would be nice to me in return, and they always were.

OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Fri 19-Dec-14 20:50:19

YANBU that is what they are for and in London anyway they are really popular so you won't "stand out" as lots of pregnant women wear them. I think they are good as well as noticeable so people who have their heads in books are more likely to notice when they glance up and it takes the whole is she/isn't she thing out of it.

Go for it smile

nippey Fri 19-Dec-14 20:54:09

YANBU I wore mine for the first time today and got offered a seat straight away. I look fat rather than pregnant so I think people didn't want to offer incase I wasn't pregnant, the badge seems to have cleared up the confusion! Only took a week to arrive after I emailed for one as well.

Andrewofgg Fri 19-Dec-14 21:14:37

Please, please, please get it and use it for every journey.

Many of my gender, and at rush hour we are sometimes more than half the passengers, will happily offer a seat to a woman if we are sure, absolutely sure that (1) she is pg not fat and (2) she will welcome it and not be one of the "I'm pregnant, not disabled" brigade who bugger it for others.

The badge reassures us on both points.

BIWI Fri 19-Dec-14 21:17:32

And also make sure that you stand next to the seats that are designated for pregnant women (or disabled passengers). You have a right to ask to sit there.

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