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To think I have it worse than DH (light hearted!)

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ameliarose2012 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:19:15

Just wondering if you can settle an ongoing argument between me and DH.

Currently, I set off to work at 7am, which means that when DD gets up at 830/9 DH has to get up with her Mon-Fri. He works 4 afternoon/ evening shifts, so is out of the house for teatime/ bath/ bed so I do the majority of this.

On a weekend we currently get up with DD 1 day each BUT DH thinks I should do both, as he is up with her during the week. My argument is that the reason I can't do the during-the-week get ups is because I have already been up and out for 2 hours when she is surfacing, so should be entitled to a lie in at the weekend!

So tell me-who is BU???

WhatsGoingOnEh Fri 19-Dec-14 00:34:09

So you work 7am till when?

He works when till when?

CocktailQueen Fri 19-Dec-14 00:36:40

Your dd really doesn't wake till 8.30 or 9?? OKKKKKK. If so, your dh should get up both days at the weekend if you're getting up for 7 Mon to Fri.

MrsRhettButler Fri 19-Dec-14 01:01:02

He is bu

MrsRhettButler Fri 19-Dec-14 01:02:19

You wake up at what? 5:30-6:00am?

MardyBra Fri 19-Dec-14 01:04:10

Why the lighthearted?

ClumsyFool Fri 19-Dec-14 01:05:53

He is, you are already up hours before him every day so no way should you do both weekend days!

JackieOLantern Fri 19-Dec-14 02:23:32

You are both BU - if your DD only gets up at 8:30 / 9 in the mornings then neither of you have it bad grin.

(Spoken as someone whose 3 year old rarely wakes later than 6:30..)

Bulbasaur Fri 19-Dec-14 03:45:29


YABU for making a humble brag post in the form of an AIBU.

Yes, I am jealous. fenvy

SuperMoonIsKeepingMeUpToo Fri 19-Dec-14 03:49:02

Setting off for work at 7 am isn't so enviable though, Jackie and Bulbasaur.

And dh should be getting up with her on at least one of the weekend days, OP.

Rinkydinkypink Fri 19-Dec-14 03:54:11

I think your both incredibly lucky!

Sounds like your doing equal share of the work and should keep it one day each. What do you count as a lie in if your dc doesn't wake till 8.30?

In our house anything past 7am regardless of the day of the week and were grateful.

Ds has woken at 5.30-6 EVERY morning for the last 7 years and has only just started not waking us up at this time. Dd, 18 months can be anything from 6am onwards.

PoirotsMoustache Fri 19-Dec-14 08:45:42

So your DH gets to lie in till 8.30/9.00 every single day?! Bloody hell, I feel like I've had a huge lie in if I sleep that late on a weekend, I'm at work by then on weekdays.

Your DH shouldn't get both weekend days to lie in and waste half the day grin

mistymorningmemories Fri 19-Dec-14 08:51:57

Blimey, I wish my dds slept until 8:30 - 09:00 - that would be bliss!! Your dh is definitely BU if he thinks he is hard done by!

EatDessertFirst Fri 19-Dec-14 10:08:16

You should get one lie in each at the weekend. Enjoy the late wakings while you can. School will scupper those! grin

Whereisegg Fri 19-Dec-14 10:25:55

8:30/9am might not be much of a lie in if the dh is working til the early hours though.
It is a fantastic time for your dd to sleep to but it's all relative if he's at work til 4am.

One lie in each at the weekend is still fair smile

googoodolly Fri 19-Dec-14 10:39:56

Neither of you have it badly! I'm up for work at 4.45am - 7 would be a lie-in for me let alone 9am!

I can see why DH wouldn't always want to do mornings with your DD though - I think one day each is only fair at the weekend.

TheSkiingGardener Fri 19-Dec-14 11:18:15

You should do the weekend wake ups and he should do all the evening stuff on the days he's not working.

Or, you know, split it so you each get some rest/evening time.

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