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to love The Posh Couple on Gogglebox, but think they were...

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HappenstanceMarmite Thu 18-Dec-14 11:56:31

shite on "Steph and Dom meet Nigel Farage"?

Can't put my finger on why. Just seemed forced and contrived. Found myself uncomfortable watching it...a bit like seeing good friends - or one's children - being rubbish in some amateur/school performance.

What say MN folk? AIBU to be disappointed?

SageSeymour Thu 18-Dec-14 12:02:25

I didn't watch it but I kind of think that Steph and Dom are a little bit forced and OTT these days anyway

HappenstanceMarmite Thu 18-Dec-14 12:03:27

Hmmm not sure I agree with that. Usually love them. But not this time blush

BeHoHoHove Thu 18-Dec-14 12:03:48

It was a weird programme about nothing.
I didn't like how they were faux charming to NFs face while slagging him off to other people/guests. Didn't strike me as mannerly as whatever the point if the programme was, he was a guest in their house.

NormaStits Thu 18-Dec-14 12:33:37

It put me right off them. The way they were fawning all over him. And what was the point of the programme? They said on fb they were going to grill him. I saw no evidence of that at all.

HappenstanceMarmite Thu 18-Dec-14 12:44:10

Agree re the fawning. Didn't realise they were on FB. Will have to check them out on there and see if there is any other feedback

bendybrickpumpkinpatch Thu 18-Dec-14 12:56:43

The lines they come out with on gogglebox are scripted so when they are themselves they are not particulary entertaining !

case in point did you see them on the comedy awards last night ? Oh dear !!blush

HappenstanceMarmite Thu 18-Dec-14 15:26:47

No bendy I didn't see them last night. Is that true re scripted lines on Gogglebox? sad

LittleMissDonkeyonADustyRoad Thu 18-Dec-14 15:52:30

It was just Dom and Nige getting pissed! Not what I expected.


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