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to wonder why I bloody bother.

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prettywoman35 Thu 18-Dec-14 10:18:28

So I am for the most part a sahm although I have done some seasonal self employed work this month. Maybe 20 hours in total. We have 2 primary aged dc and a toddler. Dh and the dc are really messy so I feel like I am constantly picking up after them. I have also been busy with xmas parties, nativity plays etc. So Thursday I was out all day so just got the basics done. So on Friday I stayed home with toddler and managed to sort living room out to enable decs to go up. In beween caring for toddler and tidying her mess of course and basic kitchen stuff and laundry etc.
Well dh came home and got stroppy because we couldn't find his tray for coins. I had moved it from one side of mantle to other and put his post on top. dd3 also had a dvd out which he couldn't put back on shelf due to prescence of xmas cards.
It really upset me because I spent hours moving dds toys, vacuuming, dusting etc and I felt the place looked great but all he could do was find fault.

prettywoman35 Thu 18-Dec-14 10:19:35

wibu to have said I might aswell have not bothered.

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