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To ask about silk sheets ? Who has them ?

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Wealldancelamacarena Wed 17-Dec-14 22:36:51

How does it feel like to sleep in silk sheets ? I need to know !!!!!

Icimoi Wed 17-Dec-14 22:38:26

No idea, but it never sounds very comfortable to me.

Janethegirl Wed 17-Dec-14 22:40:03

I used to have them many years ago. Very slippery is my only comment grin

misskangaandroo2014 Wed 17-Dec-14 22:40:08

Very slidy in my experience. Really, I wouldn't bother again.

PresidentTwonk Wed 17-Dec-14 22:40:31

Slippery! grin They feel nice but not so much when you wake up 982 times in the night to retrieve the pillow/duvet/yourself/your partner etc off the floor!! wink

ilovechristmas1 Wed 17-Dec-14 22:41:33

arent they naff now

Wealldancelamacarena Wed 17-Dec-14 22:42:19

But it must feel like you are in heaven no ?

NaiceNickname Wed 17-Dec-14 22:42:25

It's an absolute fucking ball ache. They are cold, and slide everywhere. DH has a thing about silk hmm, and once had the bright idea to sleep in stupidly expensive silk pajamas on stupidly expensive silk sheets... I heard him swearing his head off and stripping off half way through the night because he was sliding everywhere and the blanket kept slipping off us grin they've both been in the bottom drawer since.

CountingThePennies Wed 17-Dec-14 22:44:09

I did buy silk pillow cases and bottom sheet. Cost £600 for 4 pillow cases and double fitted sheet.

Hated it! It felt horrible. I thought it would just be better quality than satin. Imo satin feels much nicer.

Beangarda Wed 17-Dec-14 22:45:16

I keep seeing oddly-shaped, expensive silk pillows in the 'ideas for Christmas presents for the friend who has everything' pages, and gather they're supposed to help prevent facial wrinkles, but I can't figure out from the shape which way you're supposed to lie on them...?

MsVestibule Wed 17-Dec-14 22:45:43

I presume you mean satin? I like the idea of them, but aren't they cold in winter? Think I'd have to Velcro my pillow (and possibly myself) to the sheet.

This thread reminds me of my friend telling me how she'd wanted black satin sheets when she was a teenager in the 80s. Her mum bought some by mail order for her. For about 2 years after, she was bombarded with sex toy magazines grin. They obviously think a certain type of person has satin sheets...

petitdonkey Wed 17-Dec-14 22:46:21

I'm so glad you started this thread - I have been seriously considering investing in silk sheets but now I won't. I will buy a second set of my seriously gorgeous cotton sateen from The White Company!

BertieBotts Wed 17-Dec-14 22:47:14

Guh they sound horrible. I can't even sleep in silk nightwear.

MsVestibule Wed 17-Dec-14 22:48:01

After reading pennies post, I see there is a difference between silk and satin sheets. What is it? I've always thought of satin as being very slippery but silk being a bit rougher???

lessonsintightropes Wed 17-Dec-14 22:48:32

I read a Jilly Cooper novel in my teens (Bella, IIRC) where the hero/antihero sleeps in black satin sheets. They seemed impossibly romantic at the time, but as a grown up, give me cotton most of the time and jersey when it's very cold any day. Hate the slideyness of either satin or silk.

Only1scoop Wed 17-Dec-14 22:48:45

We used to stay in a Hotel with work years satin sheets on the kingsizeconfused

We used to call it porn paradise blush

Trumpton Wed 17-Dec-14 22:49:46

I have a silk pillowcase and love it. Bung it in the wash with the duvet cover and sheet. Don't iron it . My hair loves it too. But I haven't noticed any difference in my skin .

ilovechristmas1 Wed 17-Dec-14 22:52:00

silk boxer shorts were very popular late 80's early 90's

amicissimma Wed 17-Dec-14 22:52:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClashCityRocker Wed 17-Dec-14 22:53:13

They're god awful, slippery and slidey and sticky if you sweat in the night. They just don't feel comfortable at all.

And I think they need washing more than normal sheets - I do my cotton ones weekly, these needed twice a week.

MsVestibule Wed 17-Dec-14 22:53:24

ilovechristmas1 Wed 17-Dec-14 22:54:05

i remember silk scarf/pillow is very good for afro hair

i have no idea why,trumpton's post reminded me

blueshoes Wed 17-Dec-14 22:54:43

Sounds cold on the skin

maradesbois Wed 17-Dec-14 22:54:58

The dermatologist told me the thing about silk sheets helping prevent wrinkles, haven't ever tried though! She also correctly identified the side I slept on due to the appearance of my skin. Is satin not man made fibres? Surely it would be horribly sweaty.

BertieBotts Wed 17-Dec-14 22:55:22

"To prevent face wrinkles" does that mean the imprint of folded/wrinkled cotton on the skin? Who seriously gets that THAT badly? I sometimes have them in the morning but they're gone after 15 minutes max, by which point I'm only just leaving the house on my super efficient days!

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