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to think that you don't need to go to every nativity performance?

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spookyskeleton Tue 16-Dec-14 21:28:11

The infants nativity play is on 3 times this week (once in the afternoon and 2 evenings).

It seems that a lot of the parents are going to all 3 performances hmm AIBU to think that this is unnecessary and defeats the purpose of spreading out the attendees over the 3 performances.

Am I missing some unspoken parenting rule that says you need to go to every single performance that your child ever does??

skylark2 Tue 16-Dec-14 21:30:05

I'm surprised that's an option. Everywhere I've been that there have been multiple performances, it's been because there are too many parents/family members to fit in one, and you've been given tickets for one of them.

It would not have occurred to me to go to more than one, even if it was possible.

WyrdByrd Tue 16-Dec-14 21:31:20

I'd imagine at that age there a quite a few children who'd be unsettled/upset if they didn't see their parents in the audience each time.

I can see where you're coming from though, and actually I think 3 performances including 2 evenings is way too much anyway tbh.

arethereanyleftatall Tue 16-Dec-14 21:33:10

At ours you're only allowed to go to one performance. Nursery or main school. Makes sense all round I would say. Never occurred to me to go to more than one even though I'm a sahm.

spookyskeleton Tue 16-Dec-14 21:36:17

wyrdbyrd I appreciate what you are saying about some children but surely it is a good lesson in life that you're parents aren't going to be there all the time and what about those children who feel like that but their parents can't come to every performance... I am sure they cope.

basgetti Tue 16-Dec-14 21:37:56

I went to both performances last week. DP was originally going to go to the second one as I'd been to the first with my parents, but he had to work. DS was anxious as he had a speaking part and it was important to him that someone was there to watch him. As long as tickets are allocated fairly I don't see the issue.

Tzibeleh Tue 16-Dec-14 21:38:12

When dc were very small, and sometimes quite nervous, dh and I would sometimes split up and go to one performance each, but not after about Y1.

There's no way I (or we) would repeatedly go to performances. That would be deeply unfair to the parents who might therefore be unable to get in to see their dc at all.

pregnantpause Tue 16-Dec-14 21:38:50

We haven't got anyone else to go the second daysad I'm in an area where 80% of school drop offs and pick ups are done by GPS- the gps go to the one the parents the other. My dc have already picked up on thid and asked why my parents don't go to sports day/Easter parade. I'd rather go twice than have dc have no one to smile and wave at. Because let's be honest- no one is there to watch the children, each parent, gp just watches their own child and that's it.

batgirl1984 Tue 16-Dec-14 21:41:31

I remember as a child feeling really strange if my parents came onto school premises - like they were crossing into my world. I wasn't keen. My kids aren't at school yet but until MN I had always thought of attendance at these events as an extra of parenting - am starting to think I might be wrong. Like the idea of evening performances so we don't have to miss work - but do all the kids actually turn up?

bonhomme Tue 16-Dec-14 21:44:08

Each to their own - does it really matter?

CrohnicallyAnxious Tue 16-Dec-14 21:48:35

The school I work at, we have 2 performances, each child is reserved 2 tickets per performance (if they want them), then extras and returned tickets are available to buy on a first come, first served basis.

We have found that children very rarely come back for the evening performance unless someone is there watching them. I think part of it is the time taken out of the evening- for some people by the time they got home from the drop off it would be time to get ready to fetch the child.

Yet if we didn't have an evening performance as it clearly inconveniences some people, we would be criticised for not thinking of working parents.

By having 2 performances, it means that people who can't get time off for the daytime performance can attend the evening. It also means that other members of the family can go. It's not unusual for grandparents to come to the afternoon, and parents to attend in the evening. It's not necessarily the case that the school do 2 (or 3) performances to ensure that there are enough tickets available for every parent, but more about giving options.

slightlyglitterstained Tue 16-Dec-14 21:48:57

I thought this thread was going to be about not going every year confused

Like batgirl, DS isn't in school yet. DP and I discussed whether to go to his nativity at nursery this week, and agreed neither of us were that keen and at 2 he's unlikely to miss us. As it happens he got chickenpox anyway.

knackered69 Tue 16-Dec-14 21:51:26

We had one performance for grandparents and one for parents. Mine are 17 and 11 now, and I've never missed a school play. But bugger me - 3 performances - work would not have been impressed! I did miss sports day once or twice cos they give you a date but it might change depending on the weather - I got my mate to cheer them on and they were fine!

NotYouNaanBread Tue 16-Dec-14 21:53:40

None of us went to the 2nd performance this evening - not even the child in question. She had an ear infection & was off school yesterday and DH & I both have streaming colds. We told her a long story about how she was SO VERY GOOD at the afternoon play, that she didn't have to come back for the evening one.


formerbabe Tue 16-Dec-14 21:53:51

I only had the option to attend one performance but if I could I'd go to them DC love seeing me in the audience and waving at me!

Minisoksmakehardwork Tue 16-Dec-14 21:55:29

As long as tickets are allocated fairly, I don't see a problem. It's the free for all which comes with first come, first served which would annoy me.

Thankfully our school operates a free ticket system. You are allowed to take dc to the am performance and as its not so well attended, they just want to know numbers of attending. Evenings are child free and this year we were allowed 3 tickets per family (last year was 4 but more pupils this year). You have to specify which day you want them for. It's then up to us how we use them. Most parents split so one goes one night and the other the following when there are other dc at home. Others (us) ask grandparents if they wish so go on the performance we can't make. Some just have a ticket for each performance for themselves so they can support their dc.

Each to their own.

sanfairyanne Tue 16-Dec-14 22:33:45

i've always made sure the kids had someone in the audience watching them. i think almost everyone i know does that tbh.

sanfairyanne Tue 16-Dec-14 22:37:44

ah but i see thats not quite what you mean?
some sahm do both but mostly its dad, then mum, then gparents iyswim?

Bulbasaur Tue 16-Dec-14 22:45:10

Those kids have quite a bit of stamina to be doing the same performance 3 times in one week. When I was a child we did the school play once. That was it. But we also booked a large auditorium for it as well.

Karoleann Tue 16-Dec-14 22:47:11

No that's really excessive - surely its on 3 days so that working parents can go to the one they can get off from work.
We have 3 - one is grandparents, the other reception and one year 1 class and the other year 2 and the other year 1 class - but its flexible.

DuckandCat Tue 16-Dec-14 23:05:41

I would go to all performances that I could manage (or ask other relatives on days I couldn't).

I teach Infants and know how sad the children get when there's no one there to watch them.

'Your parents can't come to everything' is something they have to learn, but not something I'd want mine to learn at 4/5yo if avoidable.

Each to their own I guess.

WooWooOwl Tue 16-Dec-14 23:10:36

I always went to both when mine were little, but I only worked very part time so I was able to. Sometimes I'd go to one on my own or with my mum and then the other with their dad. They didn't do evening performances until they were older, so when they were little it would have seemed odd to be at home while my child was performing at school just up the road.

CakeAndWineAreAFoodGroup Tue 16-Dec-14 23:10:40

When my daughter was at primary school you were only allowed 2 tickets in total for the 3 performances but they were very restricted on space. Didn't stop people kicking off at the school receptionists that they needed to have 4 tickets for one performance and 5 for the evening and could they have another 2 for the second evening... this was a school Nativity play and not Les Miserables!

As someone else said, you only really go to watch your child.

MargotLovedTom Tue 16-Dec-14 23:34:15

slightyglitterstained I am not a sentimental softy, but I find it really bizarre that neither you nor your husband were "that keen" on going to see your little boy in his first nativity.

I am the child of parents who were a teacher (so not able to come to daytime things) and an Army officer who was often away - so often we had no-one there watching. We would sometimes be sad about it, but it's one of those things. Not horribly damaged by it.
We may well have similar with our DCs. DP is a teacher, and I travel a lot with work. At least GPs are local this time round!

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