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To think DH's ridiculous behaviour could be more sympathetic

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FatFacedMary Tue 16-Dec-14 19:26:09

I feel so ill, fell asleep on sofa, red hot, dh put chocolate buttons on my forehead so they would melt all over me. Never any sympathy, just stupidness

MangoBiscuit Tue 16-Dec-14 19:28:18

Oh that's cunty. He needs to grow up. I hope you feel better soon.

bakingtins Tue 16-Dec-14 19:29:18

What an arse. I hope he catches it so you can be spectacularly unsympathetic in return.

HumphreyCobbler Tue 16-Dec-14 19:29:51

Lord, what a stupid thing to do. Yes, he should be sympathetic and not behaving like this. Hope you feel better soon.

conquistador Tue 16-Dec-14 19:54:49

flowers Mary. How annoying!

WeeFreeKings Tue 16-Dec-14 20:52:30

Passed out hungover would just about be passable as it's your own fault. Poorly and burning up? Wanker.

TheBatteriesHaveRunOut Tue 16-Dec-14 21:04:22

I did not laugh at that. blush

Put itching powder in the fucker's pants, it's only fair.

Hope you feel better soon ( and pass whatever ails you to DH, only with worse symptoms)

ScrambledSmegs Tue 16-Dec-14 21:19:54

Kill him.

In a festive way, if you're so inclined. Bash him over the head with a frozen turkey.

Jackie0 Tue 16-Dec-14 21:22:04

Man child hmm

SolidGoldBrass Tue 16-Dec-14 21:23:25

That's actyually nasty behaviour. What's he like the rest of the time? Is he generally affectionate, good company, does his share of domestic work? If so, I suppose it's worth putting up with his childish streak - but it does strike me that he might be a bit abusive. A lot of abusive men do things which are supposed to be 'funny' but which are actually intended to cause embarassment and distress.

CocktailQueen Tue 16-Dec-14 21:23:28

Scrambledsmegs! grin

Op, that is mean ... And it would only be a tiny bit funny if he was lovely and sympathetic the rest if the time. As he's not, it was a tatty thing to do. Hope you feel better soon. Xx

IsabeauMichelle Tue 16-Dec-14 21:23:41

Sorry, I think that's really funny grin

I wouldn't if I was ill though.

CocktailQueen Tue 16-Dec-14 21:23:46


icclemunchy Tue 16-Dec-14 21:26:45

I'm torn between "id kill the bugger slowly and painfully" and storing that away for next time OH is ill blush

However most of the time OH is lovely and sympathetic and knows my sense of humour

PulpsNotFiction Tue 16-Dec-14 22:10:18

Surely that's just a shocking waste of chocolate buttons? grin

Babiecakes11 Thu 18-Dec-14 09:52:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Idontseeanysontarans Thu 18-Dec-14 10:18:09

When you're better get a can of squirmy cream - when he's asleep squirt as much as possible onto his hands. Then tickle his cheeks and nose.
I would have been annoyed at the time but would have seen the funny side when I recovered.

Idontseeanysontarans Thu 18-Dec-14 10:18:39

Squirty cream!
Auto correct hates me...

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