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to think he should have sorted this. (a little trivial)

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frozen70 Tue 16-Dec-14 16:11:40

So we have a temperamental kitchen appliance. Tha alarm goes off at regular intervals. Twice in the night the alarm went off so I trudged downstairs to sort it. So this morning dh was working from home. I could hear the alarm going off but was still sleepy so thought dh is downstairs I will doze for a few more minutes. Although this was pretty impossible due to alarm.At least 10 minutes later the alarm was still going. So I got up and got dressed and went downstairs to reset.
Aibu to think he could have got up off this arse to reset or was I being unreasonable as he was working from home but not on phone at the time.
He must have heard as I could hear it upstairs with blocked ears.

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