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Am I BU/cynical to think my ipad has probably been stolen?

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elizadoeverything Mon 15-Dec-14 14:57:14

I am willing to accept I might be being cynical.

I ordered an ipad at Tesco Direct, went along to collect it. Waited forever while the lady at customer services took my order number (three times) and then went to check. She checked twice. Then she checked the back. Then she took my number and said she'd call me back.

Within 4 minutes I had a call which I missed. Then a different guy called me again about 20 minutes later to say I had collected it already. I asked how on earth that could be, don't they check order numbers/debit cards etc. The guy said I don't know but YOU collected it. Well I certainly effing didn't!!! So then he says ok well I'll check the CCTV then. (Goady) I said please do, and he will call me back tomorrow.

I then checked my account on Tesco Direct and it still says awaiting collection.

My first instinct was that it had been stolen. This was further compounded by his assertion that checking CCTV was the only way to find it. As well, I'm really annoyed at the accusation that I tried to collect it twice.

Argh! Who needs this before Christmas, its meant to be for DH!

VivaLeBeaver Mon 15-Dec-14 15:00:39

I'd go and try and collect it again if its saying awaiting collection.

elizadoeverything Mon 15-Dec-14 15:02:52

But it has said that the whole time. I called them back just now and they said they will just order me a new one. Which is even more suspicious.

Babewiththepower Mon 15-Dec-14 15:05:15

Stolen or damaged I'd say.

whothehellknows Mon 15-Dec-14 15:09:01

It may just be a shit service. My friend was saying yesterday how much trouble she had using their click and collect service, even for simple things like school cardigans. Same scenario, first they can't find it and then say she's collected it and then said it was waiting for collection. It's worth complaining and maybe tweeting?

elizadoeverything Mon 15-Dec-14 15:27:14

I am definitely going to complain I think, because its not exactly click and collect if when you go to collect it they cant find it so accuse you of already taking it!

They should have a system to check these things though, surely. CCTV should not be the first port of call!

DontTurnAround Mon 15-Dec-14 15:52:16

Its probably lost as they use Yodel for the click and collect.

I ordered the breaking bad blue ray in october, went to collect it a week later it wasn't there. Manager called Tesco direct who agreed it was lost somewhere and ordered a new one. New one arrived no problem.

Last week(almost 8 weeks after original order) I get a text saying my order was ready for collection. Figured I'd ordered something that I had forgotten about in amongst my christmas shopping. Went to pick it up it was the original parcel from the 10th of October! Obviously lost in a van or something. Took it back to another store, they obviously haven't grasped what I told them and Tesco direct have now refunded it fconfused I'm not contacting them again though.

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