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I know IABU but can't help feeling a bit upset for DD (nativity play)

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DataColour Mon 15-Dec-14 11:32:01

I've got awful PMS at the moment, so I'm emotional and teary about everything today, so I need some perspective on this. I know I am being unreasonable and I'm totally fine with being told so.

Just back from DD's reception nativity and I couldn't even see her during the performance. She was sat under the piano right next to a wheelchair at the edge of the hall. I highly doubt she saw any of the play either as her view seemed to have been completely obscured by the wheelchair next to her.
When I went to her after the play she didn't seem happy at all although wasn't crying and I said how wonderful her singing was etc but I could see that she hadn't had a good time and wouldn't say anything.

I know that not every child can have a starring role and there where 120 children there (reception plus nursery), and tbh these things totally happen and the teachers are doing the best they can, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for DD for having had a not so lovely time at her christmas play when she was so looking forward to it?

twinkletoedelephant Mon 15-Dec-14 11:53:33

They sat DS under the piano last year .... His little hand kept coming up plonking all the keys grin and he nearly knocked out a little girl with very enthusiastic elbow movement to we WISH you a Merry Christmas

Ours have 90 children in at some point every one will have a turn standing on the stage saying a line or doing somthing - did your dd not get a go on stage?? Is there only 1 show our school has 3 shows on different days

BoomBoomsCousin Mon 15-Dec-14 11:54:45

I couldn't see one of mine either. She was in the chorus, but it was in a Church without a stage and we were five pews back so she was hidden by all the parents in front of me and all the children in front of her. She still had a blast and I told her how brilliant she was.

It's a bit of a shame. It would have been noce to see her belting carols out with all her might and grinning like a cheshire cat. But it isn't really the point of the whole exercise.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Mon 15-Dec-14 11:56:45

I'm sure she's seen enough of the play in rehearsals.

Yabu I'm afraid.

SamCroClaus Mon 15-Dec-14 11:58:25

so there was an empty wheelchair in her what??

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