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to be fed up with all the ingredients threads?

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MardyBra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:18:25

Jelly in trifles
Fruit in puddings

It's all personal preference and does not make for an interesting Aibu. wink

TheSpottedZebra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:19:29

Is this a lighthearted thread?

MardyBra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:19:35

Mind you, carrot cake should always include walnuts and never raisins.

I never use the gavel on principle, but am tempted.

EmmaGellerGreen Sat 13-Dec-14 13:19:47


MardyBra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:20:39

zebra. I leave it to the intelligence of the threadreader to decide whether my threads are lighthearted.

Threeplus1 Sat 13-Dec-14 13:20:54

I hate raisins in anything, so YABU about castor cake at least fsmile

madsadbad Sat 13-Dec-14 13:21:08

But a thread about the ingredient thread does? wink
But you are right it is all about personal choice, but then I suppose most things are
So I am saying UANBU as its your choice to be fed up with them grin

EmmaGellerGreen Sat 13-Dec-14 13:21:22

Yabu now. Cake should never have vegetables in it.

TheSpottedZebra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:21:24

Oh. I'm stuffed then. I like a nice indicator, preferably in <>

Gruntfuttock Sat 13-Dec-14 13:22:11

I agree that it's all personal preference and trying to claim something like that is wrong or right is pointless. In my opinion if a husband and wife disagree about an ingredient they have to compromise, not dictate or try to get support from MNers for their personal opinion.

TheSpottedZebra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:22:14

I actually love cake with veg in it. Carton cake, parsnip cake, beetroot cake. Yes.

Threeplus1 Sat 13-Dec-14 13:22:25

Castor cake?! Stupid autocorrect! Carrot cake of course

Gruntfuttock Sat 13-Dec-14 13:23:56

Re. my post above, saying 'husband and wife' was just an example. Of course, the same applies to any people eating together.

HappyAgainOneDay Sat 13-Dec-14 13:24:14

If people don't like particular threads, they do not have to latch onto them, do they, OP?

MardyBra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:27:11

They're never going to get more interesting than:

I don't like [insert ingredient]
YABU, [ingredient]s are the nectar of the gods.
YANBU, [ingredient]s are the work of the devil.

And so on.

SaucyJack Sat 13-Dec-14 13:27:19

YABU and get the splinters out your backside.

Crumble must be served with ice-cream. This is a scientific fact.

Gruntfuttock Sat 13-Dec-14 13:28:26

I agree with the OP that the dogmatic posts claiming that some food or other is "disgusting" are irritating. Obviously they are not disgusting to everyone, but some people think that their opinion is the only valid opinion, which is not a nice trait at all and is very unreasonable. So if they ask "AIBU?" the answer is "Yes".

Selks Sat 13-Dec-14 13:30:31

Yes and this makes for a really interesting thread! hmm

Some people like talking about food. No big deal really.

Gruntfuttock Sat 13-Dec-14 13:30:58

Saucy Jack "Scientific fact" eh? Hurrumph!. Kindly consider yourself glared at - (and don't make me post a photo of my glare - it can cause nightmares).

Gruntfuttock Sat 13-Dec-14 13:33:56

*Selks" there's nothing wrong with talking about food. It's those people, who think that anyone with different tastes to themselves are simply wrong, who irritate.

thornrose Sat 13-Dec-14 13:34:04

They should not be posted in AIBU at all, ever. They should be in a proper food related topic. wink

EmmaGellerGreen Sat 13-Dec-14 13:34:30

No no no, crumble must be served with custard. Tis the law.

MardyBra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:35:38

Good point thornrose. Or Chat at a push.

It's best to leave Aibu clear for the juicy parking, mil and bridezilla threads.

MardyBra Sat 13-Dec-14 13:36:25

Oy. Stop tainting the thread with yer crumble proclamations!

CakeAndWineAreAFoodGroup Sat 13-Dec-14 14:19:29

Ice cream is the work of the devil. wink

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