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To get the rage at mid week deliveries?

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MrsMarcJacobs Sat 13-Dec-14 04:55:07

Had something sent to my house that someone had bought me on Thursday, note said that they would redeliver on Friday - not really sure what the point of that is since most people are working during the day. The only other option was to have another mid week delivery, or go and pick it up at the depot which is hugely out of my way, or as the depot suggested 'leave a note for the delivery man on your door saying you're not in and can he put it to the side of house / with a neighbour' (I declined this last option as why would I want to advertise that I am out during the day?) By the time I'd rearranged my evening plans to go and get the stupid package from the faraway depot (because remember they only keep it for 5 days) I'm in a complete rage about having this sent to me in the first place. AIBU?

Eastpoint Sat 13-Dec-14 05:10:39

Can't you rearrange for it to be delivered to work? Or a friend's work? How kind of someone to have bought you something. Do you never buy anything online or mail order?

ArsenicStew Sat 13-Dec-14 05:20:34

So you think there should only be weekend deliveries?

YAB completely U grin

Have some cake

startwig1982 Sat 13-Dec-14 05:30:13

Just work out a safe place for them to be put! We're often out but our postie knows to put them in our recycling bin or give them to our neighbour.

NormaStits Sat 13-Dec-14 05:53:03

Yanbu. When they don't let you pick a redelivery day and just keep trying again on weekdays irritates me. Royal mail is fine, depot nearby, can collect before work. Other companies are very variable in their helpfulness.

The note on the door is a terrible, terrible idea. The best solution in that instance would be for you to be able to give those instructions over the phone and have them relayed to the driver. With today's technology that should be simple.

Snog Sat 13-Dec-14 06:06:42

yAnBU surely these services are designed for business to business?
The UPS and DHL depots are an hours drive from my house. Eventually these couriers have to return my stuff to the sender.

Snog Sat 13-Dec-14 06:07:40

home delivery network are great as they work beyond mon to fr 9 to 5

CrohnicallyAnxious Sat 13-Dec-14 07:31:16

I remember one delivery company, on the website you had the option to collect from any of the nearest depots and needed to pick a time slot to do so. All well and good- except they didn't give you the depots addresses. How can you choose which depot and what time when you don't know where they are? (It did give you the address after you'd completed the form and agreed to pick it up)

simbacatlivesagain Sat 13-Dec-14 08:42:46

So the delivery people should only work weekends? Why dont you work weekends and have lots of time to receive deliveries midweek?

DomiKatetrix Sat 13-Dec-14 08:45:40

Weekday deliveries suit me fine wink I've noticed delivery drivers working Sundays now too.

SecretSpy Sat 13-Dec-14 08:49:33

I've just this minute had a parcel redelivered that I missed. easy to arrange online if it's a royal mail one.

MrsMarcJacobs Sat 13-Dec-14 13:11:36

It's not so much the hours but more the inflexibility that I find irritating.- I would pay extra to have redelivery somewhere else but this is not an option apparently since I didn't order it. I think my delivery rage was set off by A large homeware store who didn't deliver half the order they were meant to. I have had to chase them repeatedly on the phone while they 'launch and investigation' to find the missing pieces. no, I don't think there should only be weekend deliveries (I am unreasonable but not that unreasonable!) surely with the amount of online shopping (with it being predicted that online sales may exceed store sales for the first time this Christmas - I read it in the newspaper so it must be true) there should be more flexible options. I think perhaps the area I live in is a bit behind with its home delivery services. I did used to do most of my shopping online in the uk and it was brilliant. I do need a wine but can't due to being pregnant sad so cake instead (as if I needed an excuse!)

MrsMarcJacobs Sat 13-Dec-14 13:14:19

Thanks for all your responses, I needed a good vent smile

Pico2 Sat 13-Dec-14 13:19:23

YANBU our "local depot" for this type of thing seems to be 30 min - 1 hr away.

We now get everything delivered to work, but that can't work for everyone.

itispronouncedpenguin Sat 13-Dec-14 13:29:57

Its even worse when you don't have a car - all the non-RM depots round here are at least a half hr drive away on an industrial estate with no public transport nearby. Its frustrating.

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