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Aibu to have a rant about MyHermes, fuckity fuckers

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FlappertyFlippers Fri 12-Dec-14 22:49:15

Ordered dd's Christmas present from the disney store, yes it's a Frozen thing and myhermes have delivered it, they even have a signature to prove it was signed for and delivered. The issue is that they didn't actually deliver MY parcel to MY address so some lucky random person has received and signed for my parcel and I'm left trying to prove to the disney store that I haven't actually received it.

The Disney store have now sold out of the castle play set thing so even if they are willing to send another one they don't have any in stock and probably won't have any in time for Christmas.

I am pissed off.

RojaGato Fri 12-Dec-14 22:55:54

Quite right. Hermes do all kinds of stupid things, like leave a parcel propped against your front door when you are out, so it's the kind of fuckwittery they have form for.

samsonthecat Fri 12-Dec-14 23:06:59

I have an even better story. Last week they carded me for a parcel and said it was behind my gate. After much searching I couldn't find a parcel so I contacted live chat. I discovered it was actually for my neighbour across the road. The stupid driver had carded the wrong house and put the parcel over the gate of the house next door to me!
They're one to avoid if possible.

motleymop Fri 12-Dec-14 23:11:57

They didn't deliver some stuff I ordered- the tracking said they had a problem with the address. It was a business address in W1, Central London, and I had entered the address correctly. Dread to think what happens if they have to deliver to a remote address! The person at the shop sounded exasperated with them when I rang up to say WTF is that all about - then they re-sent my order my Royal Mail recorded.

FlappertyFlippers Fri 12-Dec-14 23:28:16

I've canvassed about half my street asking if one of them had taken in my parcel but sadly no luck. I suppose I will have to try and brave the shops tomorrow and hope they haven't sold out of their frozen stock like they had last week, hence I ordered it online sigh

NoMoreHappyMrsChicken Fri 12-Dec-14 23:48:41

I won't order from any company that uses Hermes had to call police about local courier

I have had so many "lost" parcels I've lost count.

Truly, I don't know why big companies use such incompetent couriers when DPD/Interlink/Collect+ are available.

sykadelic Sat 13-Dec-14 03:15:25

Not myhermes but I had something similar happen (someone sign else for my parcel and this being unable to prove I didn't have it).

Long story short - a few years ago when I got married our wedding photos never arrived. Postal company said they were signed for so I was arse out. Luckily the photographer was able to send them again (not in the pretty packaging though). A week or so later our photographer received our old photos along with an explanation. Turned out the delivery worker let a 10 y/o boy sign for the parcel and when his mother found them, and realised it was wedding photos, she returned to sender along with a note apologising.

Sometimes people suck but sometimes they do good. Hoping for a good outcome!

Redglitter Sat 13-Dec-14 03:38:19

If its the Frozen Elsa Castle at £50 I don't fancy your chances of getting another one. Absolutely everywhere was sold out the other day when I was trying. I did get one through the Disney Store - not sure why I didn't think of them first hmm

The only other place was Amazon but they were almost £70 on there

I hope your parcel turns up

insanityscratching Sat 13-Dec-14 06:37:32

I took in a parcel for my neighbour yesterday even if she does blank me if our paths manage to crosshmm She came to collect it and ranted on that it wasn't due to be delivered until the 24th. I carried it round for her because it was heavy and she's old, popped it through into her hallway and then she accused me of stealing the second parcel because the driver had written 2 on the card. I helpfully pointed out that our house number was 2 that's why the driver had written 2 on the card but she was less than convinced hmm
Suffice to say next time they knock I'll tell them to throw it over the fence wink

ifgrandmahadawilly Sat 13-Dec-14 10:48:59

YANBU. I once did customer service for a company who used hermes and we had so, so, so many complaints about them. Actually, the majority of our calls were about missing parcels / parceld that had been opened before deliver etc.

V.V. dodgy company. Pretty sure the company I worked for (who shall remain nameless, since they required all employees to sign a ND agreement - lets just say they were a magazine / book subscription company who run a regular cash prize draw Strikethrough:scam scheme) only used them because they were equally as dodgy.

FlappertyFlippers Sat 13-Dec-14 22:49:29

My parcel has appeared!!! Lovely lovely lovely wonderful man who lives at number 32 on a completely different street in my town knocked on the door just now with a large box, he was so apologetic and explained he thought it was a parcel for him so had opened it, was confused about why
received a frozen castle so checked the address and realised it should have been delivered to 32 flapperty street. Rather than 32 lovely man street.

Purplecircle Sat 13-Dec-14 22:51:51


I got given the wrong tracking no by Vodafone for DPD which said it had been delivered and signed by someone not purple

Took me ages to sort it out but phone did turn up a couple of days later

sorryimlateagain Sat 13-Dec-14 22:53:39

Nearly peed myself when someone said they should be called My Herpes so we'd all know how bad they were and to avoid them!!

Redglitter Sat 13-Dec-14 23:05:00

I'm so glad it turned up. What a relief!

Metalguru Sat 13-Dec-14 23:33:32

Love a happy ending smile

GwenStacy Sat 13-Dec-14 23:51:26

We used my Hermes to courier a box of comics we'd sold. Looking at the photos we were sent by the recipient, I'm almost certain it fell off the back of a moving van. It wastrightly packed with comics and a corner of the box and the comics in side had been sheared off. Fuckers.

Nanny0gg Sun 14-Dec-14 00:19:10

Our Hermes courier is a lovely man. Works his socks off. Delivers for Next as well.

They're not all bad.

Discopanda Sun 14-Dec-14 00:29:30

I accidentally got one of DDs birthday presents for free thanks to MyHermes a couple of years ago. Ordered it from Asda about 6 weeks before her birthday (toy sale), tracked it online, stayed in for days when they said they would deliver and nothing arrived for nearly a month. Complained to Asda who refunded me then a week later Hermes decided to actually deliver it!

sykadelic Sun 14-Dec-14 21:07:25

YAY!!! Excelent outcome smile

soupey1 Sun 14-Dec-14 21:17:50

I'm glad it turned up, our local my hermes guy is great but I know we are lucky.

StrawberryMouse Sun 14-Dec-14 22:11:46

MyHermes used to be fine here but we have a new grumpy incompetent driver who has had endless problems with most of the neighbours.

Invalidn1ckname Sat 02-Jan-16 20:32:36

Theres a myhermes driver that delivers in the W1 area of London that is a reckless driver with his hood up and wears clothes like they they haven't been washed in years. He could easily pass for a tramp by the looks of it. To add to this poor display whenever he communicates he regularly says F* off in the way most people would respond with "really?" Or "I see". Also deliveries are rarely ever just that as he tends to loiter even though its visibly obvious that other people have got things to do. I can't believe that someone somewhere actually thought it was OK to give someone like this a job.

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