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To think £58 per ticket is excessive for a pantomime??

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Nativity3 Fri 12-Dec-14 18:45:53

It's got one 'star' in it who I wouldn't class as particularly famous but we will be in that area over Christmas and wanted to take the dc. The tickets are £58 each!!! shock

This is more than I pay for a West End show... Anyone else think this is excessive? The star isn't even anyone 'big' so I can't understand it. I tried to look for seats with a poorer view but they were still £49! shock

PureMorning Fri 12-Dec-14 18:48:59

Ours is £20. In it is

JON CLEGG (Britain’s Got Talent)

ANNA WILLIAMSON (Splash, CITV, Toonattik)

DAVE MYERS (Hairy Bikers, Strictly)

LIZA GODDARD (Grandpa In My Pocket)

For £58 I'd want a stellar cast composed of Oscar winners

Hatespiders Fri 12-Dec-14 18:50:21

We're going to Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal in Norwich and the top price for tickets is £21. My dear friend gets them for us every year as a treat, and is a Friend of The Theatre, so pays even less. I think £58 is exorbitant!!

ThePinkOcelot Fri 12-Dec-14 18:50:59

God yeh, I wouldn't pay that for a panto ticket. In fact, I wouldn't pay a penny for a panto ticket because I absolutely cannot abide pantos!

Gumnast2014 Fri 12-Dec-14 18:51:13

Whose the big star that's the decider

Pantomimes are so disappointing anyway

WillWorkForMoney Fri 12-Dec-14 18:51:35

We've got Su Pollard and PC Plum fwink. I paid £25 for mid-range seats, i think the dearest were around £32.50.

Gumnast2014 Fri 12-Dec-14 18:53:17

Ooh I do love SU pollard

PurpleCrazyHorse Fri 12-Dec-14 18:54:53

We're watching Peter Pan in the Pavillion, Bournemouth and the tickets are about £20 each. There's usually a cast with one fairly famous person then some TOWIE/D-rate celebrities. All very professional. We're in the stalls so not awful seats right at the back or behind a pillar.

I'd wonder if you're getting a meal or something with your ticket, ours has that option. I would say that we booked months ago and there weren't many tickets left then, so maybe the meal tickets are the only ones left (or does the theatre price by availability?)

spanieleyes Fri 12-Dec-14 18:55:07

our most expensive seats ( ie box seats!) are £13.50!!

IsabeauMichelle Fri 12-Dec-14 18:55:51

Who is in it Nativity? Elvis?

kim147 Fri 12-Dec-14 18:56:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Camolips Fri 12-Dec-14 18:56:33

If the price is based on the biggest star then our tickets today should have been less than 50p. Yes I mean you Charlie Dimmock, the weakest link in an otherwise excellent panto.

I8toys Fri 12-Dec-14 18:56:34

Yes booked Snow White and Seven Dwarfs in Manchester with Warwick Davies and Priscilla Presley - �27.00. Philip Olivier is the handsome prince.

ShadowKat Fri 12-Dec-14 18:56:41


The pantomime tickets at our local theatre start at £8.

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Fri 12-Dec-14 18:56:54

£8 and has a recent ex hollyoaks in it.

Hatespiders Fri 12-Dec-14 19:01:49

Kevin Kennedy (Corrie?) and Sid Sloane (CBeebies?) are in Peter Pan in Norwich. (Never heard of them, but then I don't watch much TV)

We absolutely adore the Panto. We hiss and boo, cheer and singalong when the words come down on the screen, and say "Oh no it isn't!" and all that stuff. My dh is practically in heaven. He can't wait for early Jan.

Lordofmyflies Fri 12-Dec-14 19:02:22

That sounds very expensive. I had second thoughts at paying £35 each for the panto this year and decided to see a different christmas production.

Mousefinkle Fri 12-Dec-14 19:03:41

Depending on the date the shittest tickets for our local one are £13.50 but that goes up to £17.50 the closer to Christmas it gets. It's £31.50 for the best tickets, doesn't go down much for the Middle ground tickets either. The 'star' is a former X factor contestant. If I wanted us all to go (family of 5) would be well over £100. I'd rather not. Pantomime is fucking shit. Endured two as a child, never liked them. They very rarely have actual actors in them, just lame z listers.

Certainly wouldn't pay £58 a ticket shock. RIP OFF.

apotatoprintinapeartree Fri 12-Dec-14 19:10:14

Isn't Kevin Kennedy the actor who played curly in Corrie sooooooo many years ago and never heard of since?

Bunbaker Fri 12-Dec-14 19:12:24

Top price at the Lyceum in Sheffield is £24 to see Dick Whittington with Samantha Womack and some dude from CBeebies.

Taffeta Fri 12-Dec-14 19:24:21

Craig Revell Horwood £32.50 top price seats, can't wait!

Hatespiders Fri 12-Dec-14 19:25:17

I wouldn't know, potatoprint. Probably!

Our theatre in Norwich has two resident Panto players and they're always brilliant. The B-list stars are just there as names. These two regulars are so funny they make you die. Lots of innuendo and double-entendre, plus always a water slapstick scene. One of them is always the 'dame'. They've apparently incorporated them into Peter Pan, which is actually a play not a Panto.
My dh and I are a right pair of babies, we adore Christmas and the Panto every year.

Lomega Fri 12-Dec-14 20:08:52

Blimey that's steep OP. Our panto was £12 a ticket and it had a few stars in (Cbeebies people I think).

I don't think I would ever pay more than £15 per person for a panto.

TinklyLittleLaugh Fri 12-Dec-14 20:17:08

I'm not a big fan of panto. To be honest, if your kids are tiny, you can have just as much fun at your local am dram production. Having said that, I quite enjoy a naice, imaginatively staged, Christmas show, the Snow Queen or the like. Theatre in general is shockingly expensive though isn't it?

Summerisle1 Fri 12-Dec-14 20:17:58

Blimey! That's steep. I tend not to go to "mainstream" pantomimes because I produce one and in any case, support our excellent local productions but £58 for a "star" who'd struggle to get onto a B list is completely unreasonable!

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