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to forward O2's own text to their spam reporting number?

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BoomBoomsCousin Thu 11-Dec-14 11:50:47

I'm with O2 and have my marketing preferences set to no texts, no emails. They have just sent me a text saying, basically:

"We know you said you don't want marketing texts or emails from us, but that means we can't text or email marketing stuff to you. Why don't you go here [some long URL] and change your preferences so we can inundate you with crap ?"

I forwarded the text to their text spam number. AIBU?

FishWithABicycle Thu 11-Dec-14 11:53:03

YANBU smile

WeeFreeKings Thu 11-Dec-14 12:09:52

Twats! We know you have specifically said you don't want something but here's a link to it anyway!

magoria Thu 11-Dec-14 13:19:00

Definetly do it!

BoomBoomsCousin Thu 11-Dec-14 13:26:00

Good to know I'm not unreasonable. My plan to have them tell themselves off will work, right? grin

bobbyjoe Thu 11-Dec-14 13:27:59

Oh god as someone that hates sales and marketing texts and emails that would piss me off now end. So much so I'd want to change provider.

BlueberryWafer Thu 11-Dec-14 13:39:42


RubbishRobotFromTheDawnOfTime Thu 11-Dec-14 13:48:43

I raised an eyebrow at that text too. I'm going to do the same smile

Bimblepops Thu 11-Dec-14 13:49:08

I just got that one as well. They don't seem to have realised the inherent contradiction...

Redling Thu 11-Dec-14 13:53:15

My SiL's sister was on the phone to 3 trying to cancel her contact (she'd had it for years, phone out of contract etc) with them for an hour as they passed her around departments of people just trying to offer her deals. She ended up having to genuinely shout and beg one of them to just cancel it. They got proper weird, her fiancée had bought her a new phone with a new contract and was going to pay it for a couple of months while she transferred jobs, and they were saying 'Ooh well aren't you lucky' like she was some kind of pampered trophy wife. My mam also once had lloyds bank pressuring her to get a loan to pay her very small credit card balance, when she didn't they were really arsey saying things like 'well where's your money coming from? You don't have a job, is it your husband?' Etc! The sales pressure everywhere is immense.

whatsthatcomingoverthehill Thu 11-Dec-14 14:08:22

I've just forwarded it too:

"Thank you for forwarding the originating details to O2. We are doing all we can to reduce this nuisance to our customers."

Screenclean Thu 11-Dec-14 14:14:19

Oh I'm with O2 how do I forward spam texts please?

whatsthatcomingoverthehill Thu 11-Dec-14 14:16:37

Forward to 7726.

Screenclean Thu 11-Dec-14 14:19:57

Lovely thanks, and to the op yanbu!

BoomBoomsCousin Thu 11-Dec-14 14:21:49

That's what I got whatsthat. It's heart warming to know they care so much isn't it?

Tobyjugg Thu 11-Dec-14 15:59:58

I'm starting to feel good about Virgin media (not something I ever thought I'd say).

FarelyKnuts Thu 11-Dec-14 16:06:15

Why are companies so damn annoying? I had my original phone company tell me they couldn't give me a particular number needed to transfer to a different company as "it was a different department that deals with that and there's no one there until after lunch" which is complete and utter horseshit as it is all computerised and she had my details on the screen in front of her.
Finally found it hidden away in the tiniest print ever in the middle of a load of irrelevant gobbledegook on an old bill.

PausingFlatly Thu 11-Dec-14 16:13:22

Oh god, O2 have started to actually phone my PAYG mobile now. I can't "opt out" because I don't have any account with them - just the 10-yr-old PAYG.

Telling them I'm not interested and stop calling has had no effect whatsoever.

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