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to think buying an iMac for a 9 year old girl is ludicrous

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BoredAdminGirl Thu 11-Dec-14 10:21:45

My Neice..

She is nagging for one so she can make "iMovies"

I am furious that my sister is considering it. She can't afford it and is suffering extreme anxiety due to her childs demands.

elQuintoConyoIKNOWHIM Thu 11-Dec-14 10:23:47

Well then... that's up to your sister.

I'm glad you are venting here and not sucking your teeth in front of your sister.

Why would YOU be furious? Let it go, your sister is an adult.

crumblebumblebee Thu 11-Dec-14 10:23:53

YANBU if she can't afford it but it sounds like a difficult situation for your sister. She is obviously really struggling.

weeblueberry Thu 11-Dec-14 10:23:57

Buying an iMac for a 9 year old is absolutely fine if you can afford it.

If your sister can't afford it that's the problem-not the item in question.

BoredAdminGirl Thu 11-Dec-14 10:27:45

The only reason I am concerned is that my sister is so ill with worry, she is every christmas. Obviously I wouldn't say anything to her. Just a rant

Fudgeface123 Thu 11-Dec-14 10:32:38

Well I read on here about 1 year olds getting iPads....

NorwaySpruce Thu 11-Dec-14 10:35:25

It's only ludicrous if you can't afford it.

You should direct your concern at towards your sisters mental health, if she is suffering anxiety to that degree.

Most parents who couldn't afford a particular gift would just tell the child it wasn't an option.

SaucyJack Thu 11-Dec-14 10:36:08

The appropriateness of these things is dependent on household income IMO. If you have the money to spend on an expensive gadget that'll get used for an hour or so a day, great.

YANBU in your sister's case.

MissDuke Thu 11-Dec-14 10:37:30

No idea what an imac is, and thankfully my 10 year old just wants a doll for Christmas, but I guess its up to your sister :-/ Could she be told that she could get money from the wider family circle and then continue to save for it? Sounds like your sis is going through a rough time :-( She needs to learn to say no though, surely the requests will get bigger each year?

TooHasty Thu 11-Dec-14 10:39:24

I don't suppose being 'furious' with her is helping her anxiety. Your DSis does need help with understanding that presents aren't a measure of the love you have for your child.

CupidStuntSurvivor Thu 11-Dec-14 10:40:20

You're furious that your sister is considering getting her DD what she's asked for at Christmas? YABU. Your energy will be better spent showing concern toward your sister's mental health rather than fury at her not parenting your way.

marne2 Thu 11-Dec-14 10:43:33

I think it's crazy but if she has the money to buy one its her choice. I have bought my dd a cheap camcorder which she can plug into a computer or her tablet so she can make her own videos for you tube ( she's almost 11), if I had the money I would probably buy her a laptop but not a Mac.

DollyMcDolly Thu 11-Dec-14 11:46:36

I bought my DS (7) a Mac Mini. I can afford it as it is much cheaper than an actual iMac. If she can't afford it then she probably shouldn't get it but I don't get why you are furious about it.

googoodolly Thu 11-Dec-14 13:18:45

If your sister suffers from genuine anxiety, being furious at her won't be helpful at all.

All children ask for expensive things for Christmas/birthdays at some point, parents just need to learn how to say no if they can't afford it or don't want to buy it. Your neice will get over it, but it's no more of a ridiculous demand than any other expensive present for a nine year old.

simbacatlivesagain Thu 11-Dec-14 13:22:23

Buying an imac is no different from buying any other PC or laptop in principle. Do you oppose technology for 10 year olds or is it the cost as Apple tend to cost more than other brands.

IrishBloodEnglishHeart Thu 11-Dec-14 13:38:04

The only issue for me would whether your sister can afford it. If she can then getting an iMac for her daughter is no different to buying a PC (except Macs are better IMHO - lifelong mac user here).

If buying it would put her in debt, add stress to her life and fuel her anxiety then the answer would have to be no, not this year.

whois Thu 11-Dec-14 14:29:35

If your sister can't afford it, that's one thing.

But there is nothing inherently wrong about buying computer equipment for a 10 year old! Very positive thing in fact I would say.

U2TheEdge Thu 11-Dec-14 14:38:23

My young children have two. One was bought especially for them and another was handed down by me when I upgraded.

A 1 year old with an iPad is stupid but a 9 year old with a laptop or iMac? not so much. If they can afford it.

God knows mine get a lot of use out of it.

U2TheEdge Thu 11-Dec-14 14:40:16

Oh and to me it made better financial sense to go for the apple. They last longer, don't get viruses even half as much so you get your money's worth.

A cheap laptop usually means replacing it a lot sooner.

Plus it is so much easier for us to share our music/movies on all apple products and access calendars etc.

youareallbonkers Thu 11-Dec-14 14:57:43

What business is it of yours how they spend their money?

jay55 Thu 11-Dec-14 16:11:13

Other movie making software is available.

JT05 Thu 11-Dec-14 17:43:28

Yep, sounds like a good investment. It will encourage a good grounding in IT. An educational investment for the future understanding of computing. Could be the start of a great career.

fuzzpig Thu 11-Dec-14 17:47:42

I don't think it's ludicrous generally but I can see why you're worried as if this is creating such anxiety, giving in to her DD's demands (do you mean she's spoilt?) is presumably making a very expensive rod for her own back.

But it's not really your business, technically... I can understand why you are worried about her anxiety though

SistersOfPercy Thu 11-Dec-14 17:53:08

U2, please don't fall into the trap of thinking Macs don't get viruses, they can and do get them. They are much rarer than on PC but they most certainly exist and you should still be wary.

RJnomore Thu 11-Dec-14 17:56:48

YAbu about broad strokes re buying an iMac for a 9 yo.

YANBU about your sister. The actual requested gift doesn't matter IMO - she can't afford it, she's already stressed about it, it needs to be a no.

Every kid wants something impossible, whether it's due to price, availability or existence (unicorn anyone? confused) so there is nothing wrong with saying no. I don't think being angry with her is the way to go though - support her to be strong enough to tell her dd she isn't getting it.

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