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to ask if those of you who are good with rhyming couplets....

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MrsMerrywinkle Thu 11-Dec-14 07:10:41

....could help me with the clues for a tresure hunt for older teenagers as I'm useless at this sort of thing.

The hiding places will be:

the dog's basket
under the bin in DS bedroom
under the linen basket in other DSs room
inside the clothes of DDs teddy
in the room with weight training gear
under my bed
pinned behind the curtain in the lounge
in a pot outside the front door


GoldfishSpy Thu 11-Dec-14 07:14:12

The first clue is hidden - not under a log
It'd where you'd find a snoozing dog

Well done! Now you must make haste
to where (DS name) throws his waste

GoldfishSpy Thu 11-Dec-14 07:16:31

You'll find the next clue
Where (DS name) puts his dirty clothes, red white or blue.

On (DDs name) bed, search here, search there
But pay special attention to the bear

GoldfishSpy Thu 11-Dec-14 07:18:51

You want to tone up - here's the gear
To find the clue, round this room you should peer

The next clue's hidden under the bed
Where weary Mum lays her head

GoldfishSpy Thu 11-Dec-14 07:20:56

The next clue is in the sitting room
Where the curtains keep out the gloom

The final clue - you're near the prize
Is where door keys are hidden from prying eyes.

WerewolfBarMitzvah Thu 11-Dec-14 07:31:55

Omg Goldfish did you used to work on Supermarket Sweep?! You're great at this!

GoldfishSpy Thu 11-Dec-14 08:06:18


OhBuggeringBollocks Thu 11-Dec-14 08:09:05

grin at supermarket sweep

You're a lost talent Goldfish!

HairyPotter Thu 11-Dec-14 08:20:41

Can't help in anyway, shape or form, but had to say wow! Goldfish you are brilliant! grin

GoldfishSpy Thu 11-Dec-14 09:25:12

<<takes bow>>

everyone has to be good at something....

MrsMerrywinkle Thu 11-Dec-14 22:40:16

Goldfish I thank you.

Bettercallsaul1 Thu 11-Dec-14 22:44:42

Well, that was a short thread! grin Anything you need, you can find it on Mumsnet!

EElisavetaofJingleBellsornia Thu 11-Dec-14 22:49:52

<makes a note of GoldfishSpy's details for future reference>

BlackeyedSantaStuckUpAChimney Thu 11-Dec-14 23:14:56

does one think that goldfish might be getting regular pms over the coming weeks? fgrin

Bettercallsaul1 Thu 11-Dec-14 23:54:12

I think she should go into business... Payment by the word?

BonzoDooDah Fri 12-Dec-14 00:55:47

If these are for teenagers then the clues are too easy I think. They need to be more cryptic not Just us telling them where to look.
e.g. the bin one:
don't waste time standing around,
you need to keep your nose to the ground,
red herrings and wrappers may confuse you,
but tidy <DS> may just lose you.

BonzoDooDah Fri 12-Dec-14 01:01:29

Under your bed:
Mum worked flat-out writing this test,
maybe she dropped one, or the rest...

yeah I know they're crappy but you need them to think...

HicDraconis Fri 12-Dec-14 03:28:51

Agree that for older teenagers the clues are too easy. It depends if you want to tell them where the clues are hidden in rhyme, or whether you want them to have to puzzle out the next spot from the rhyme. They'd be great for younger kids but older teenagers will run through those in about 5 minutes.

For the dog basket I'd do something like
"Paws for thought, or have a snooze. This isn't something a human would use."

But even that's easy (probably about the level of my boys and their mates, so 7-8).

ThomasMaraJrsSubpoena Fri 12-Dec-14 03:43:18

May I just say, I am in awe of how clean your house must be, if these are your hiding places. fgrin

Bulbasaur Fri 12-Dec-14 03:50:13

Alright, GoldfishSpy got it nailed. grin

I'll try for something more challenging:

Here a treasure hunt you may try,
Though it may be best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Good job, but now to make haste
Time is not something we should waste.

You found the answer so you're told
What might the next clue unfold?

Think of where you sister will rest,
This one will be held close to the chest.

You're not done, time to fret?
This one will make you break out in a sweat.

Where will this lead next you may wonder,
Time to start looking over and under.

Thinking this is easy will be your flaw
The next one is something you can draw

Time to let this matter settle
Who was it that called the kettle?

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