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Would it BU to plan to install a glass-walled shower cubicle in the corner of a bedroom

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Fadingmemory Wed 10-Dec-14 17:28:27

Just that. Any thoughts from Piglet John or other experts of the plumbing fraternity or MNers who have such a thing would be very welcome.

Naughtyornicename Wed 10-Dec-14 17:32:23

Wouldn't it look a bit like a bedsit though? And the steam would bugger up your room.

skylark2 Wed 10-Dec-14 17:33:14

I wouldn't. We had a shower in the corner of our bedroom when we moved in. It was really steamy and damp in there whenever we used it. We got rid.

SockQueen Wed 10-Dec-14 17:34:11

In the actual bedroom? Not an en-suite? I have no plumbing expertise, but think it would be odd. It would put me off buying a house - the steam problem already mentioned, getting water splashed on the floor, no privacy, noise issues if your bed-mate is asleep...

DoJo Wed 10-Dec-14 17:38:28

To what end? To provide an extra shower in a house where facilities were limited? To make a bathroom 'en suite'? To annoy the person you're sharing the room with? grin. It depends if there are more practical alternatives, or if the shower solves a problem that it worse than the ones it could cause....

pluCaChange Wed 10-Dec-14 17:41:27

Awful. Condensation issues, privacy issues, it would look out of keeping with a bedroom...

Middleagedmotheroftwo Wed 10-Dec-14 17:42:39

Do you mean an ensuite with glass bricks for walks, but like a proper ensuite with window/extractor fan etc? Because I think that would look great. If you mean just a shower thoyg, with glass panels. Then no.

HatieKokpins Wed 10-Dec-14 17:43:03

Mouldy clothes!

dexter73 Wed 10-Dec-14 17:43:57

That's quite a strange idea!

meHoHoHoverhere Wed 10-Dec-14 17:45:00

Used to live in a house where a bedroom had this. Although it was not my bedroom it was the only shower in the house and I used to use it sometimes

Was fine. Useful even. I don't recall any damp issues (although as I say it wasn't my room)

Naughtyornicename Wed 10-Dec-14 17:45:12

Its like having one of those open an bathrooms. I wouldn't feel comfortable.

atticusclaw Wed 10-Dec-14 17:50:33

You would be unreasonable if you expected anyone to like it.

Its your room, so ultimately do what pleases you but its a bad idea and when you come to sell it will put off buyers.

minipie Wed 10-Dec-14 17:50:37

I've seen a house for sale where they had this, sort of. It was quite a large loft bedroom and there was a low wall (not a full wall) separating off a bathroom area. In the bathroom area was a loo, sink and shower. So in full view of the bedroom, but slightly separate because of the low wall.

It looked good - more spacious feeling than a cut off en suite. Condensation shouldn't be an issue if you have a fully boxed in glass shower (glass roof as well) with a fan inside it.

But it would limit buyers I think: people who would use it would have to be happy showering in front of their OH (some people prefer privacy, some might not want to wake their OH, etc).

I don't see the problem with it if you and your OH would be happy with this. But bear in mind buyers may not like it.

Delphine31 Wed 10-Dec-14 17:54:06

I used to live in a house with a shower in the master bedroom. It was absolutely fine. An extractor fan was installed next to the shower and even after years of use no problems with damp and the wardrobe was right next to the shower.

Really not a problem and with a family of 5 sharing one bathroom, the extra shower made a big difference in the mornings.

FelineLou Wed 10-Dec-14 18:09:32

We have one in our large double guest room together with washbasin. Very useful and washing can hang and dry in there when no guests. No problems with damp but we do have an extractor fan which works with the shower.
Its just a curved corner shower enclosure no glass bricks but tiled walls of course.

mrscumberbatch Wed 10-Dec-14 18:12:16

A friend of mine has one and it always looks like an alien capsule/time travel thing.

And the room smells a bit foosty

simbacatlivesagain Wed 10-Dec-14 18:17:10

We viewed a house that had done a loft conversion. in the bedroom they had a free standing bath (Ok) and a toilet (behind a wall the same height as the back of the loo). So as you lay in could see the top half of your partner on the loo. We didnt buy for this reason.

PigletJohn Wed 10-Dec-14 18:19:25

you will need a very very powerful extractor fan sucking out of the enclosure, with a 20-minute overrun, and a lid or ceiling on the shower enclosure, and preferably running silently at trickle speed all the time.

I wouldn't have a glass one.

I have had a hotel room where there was a small cabin built into a corner of the room, hidden behind what looked like wardrobe doors.

whois Wed 10-Dec-14 18:19:55

One of the houses we had in uni had a shower cubical in the attic bedroom. I'm pretty site the guy who got it ised it for a wee as well...

It wasn't nicely designed or anything, just the cheapest nastiest shower cubical in the corner of the bedroom!

Fluffyears Wed 10-Dec-14 18:23:37

I've known two houses with this , rather posh houses too so it is a proper thing.

YonicSleighdriver Wed 10-Dec-14 18:25:37

DH and I decided very quickly not to buy a house with a cubicle shower in the master bedroom (installed for an elderly person)

IrishBloodEnglishHeart Wed 10-Dec-14 18:30:33

AlwAys makes me think of student digs.

bigbluestars Wed 10-Dec-14 18:43:57

WE have just bought a house with a shower and sink in the bedroom. We have given that room to my teenage DD. She loves it. It is a bit like a dressing room- but my DD dances and we have let her have the white carpet!. One whole wall is mirrored- the room is 26 ft long and the shower is in a sunken area at one end and has venting outside. It feels a very glamourous room.

CrohnicallyAnxious Wed 10-Dec-14 20:25:20

I stayed in a hotel that had an en suite with one of the glass shower walls against the bedroom, and the shower door on the side away from the bedroom. The cubicle door slid open so it doubled as the en suite door. Not sure if I've described that very well, but it worked because you had the extractor fan in the en suite, then when you got out the shower you slid the door across so the steam filled the en suite area and could be extracted.

Don't know if it would work in the uk though, due to the cooler temperatures, carpets and soft furnishings etc. This was in a much hotter country, so everything was tiled, windows were open/air conditioning on etc.

FantasticMrsFoxx Wed 10-Dec-14 20:39:01

I've literally this week ripped a shower cubicle out of the corner of our master bedroom (installed by previous owner 15 years ago). We NEVER used it. It was just too weird and now instead of a spider graveyard I have a lovely usable super posh dressing area.
You only need something like 1m x 2m for an ensuite. Please put a proper wall up. You can even have a sliding door if space is an issue. Bedrooms are for sleeping, not for showering in.

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