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Bloody stupid refund policies *mutter mutter*

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QueenofallIsee Tue 09-Dec-14 21:20:44

Need a little vent! Ordered my twins their 'main' pressies. The same thing but different types. Once placed, the email confirmation shows one is a post Xmas delivery. How annoying sez I, that should have been on the website. I call said company and cancel 1 item...I do this within 10 mins before card payment has been taken. Wondered why my bank balance was a bit low today, company has taken the whole amount of the original order AND half that amount again, with the bulk sitting as 'pending'...apparently it will be a week before the money comes back in. Why on earth they didn't just refund me the original half lord knows.

The punchline of this sorry tale is I WORK for the fuckers, so cannot even properly complain! Hence Mumsnet and a mini rant. Again I say FUCKERS

Maxthecat Tue 09-Dec-14 22:34:42

How annoying! I hate shopping on line and avoid wherever I can, as I simply couldn't afford not to have either the item or the money. As you work for them I understand that its very hard to complain but all feedback is good, I would def make sure they are aware as it could seriously put off other customers if the same happened to them? Hope you manage to sort it smile

alsmutko Tue 09-Dec-14 23:08:38

That's one of my pet hates - companies taking the money from you before they dispatch. Happened last year with an 'ethical' shopping website. When it became apparent the item wouldn't be delivered for DP'a birthday, then not for Christmas, I asked for a refund which I shouldn't have to do because they should not take the money when the item's out of stock. Took six weeks after the refund request for theoney to be refunded. I complained and they did give me a voucher but I don't want to buy from th again.
Really bad practice that.

alsmutko Tue 09-Dec-14 23:10:20

I do a lot of online shopping as I have arthritis & find schlepping round the shops painful & I rarely have problems so it's disappointkng when it does happen.

QueenofallIsee Wed 10-Dec-14 08:56:55

I think the worst of it is the terrible service I have had! I have worked here for 15yrs, admittedly in a totally different arm of the business (its global). I fell foul of 1) Off shore call centres and all the issues that can bring 2) being passed from pillar to post 3) Being on hold for a total of 45 mins! - we are talking about nearly £400 being 'pending' so I cannot use it just before Xmas. I thought better of my company so I am both annoyed and ashamed! mutter mutter

Flossyfloof Wed 10-Dec-14 09:57:15

Why can't you complain? Your money is the same as any other customer's.

Flossyfloof Wed 10-Dec-14 09:57:52

Can't you write a formal letter?

Lariflete Wed 10-Dec-14 10:02:27

Why can't you complain just because you work there? A friend of mine sued the company she worked for (accident at work) and still works there!

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