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To feel upset about this?

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LittleMisslikestobebythesea Tue 09-Dec-14 17:09:25

I'm probably being petty, and I'm sure you will tell me if I am wink

Things aren't great in my marriage anyway, OH is very selfish. I have been for counselling by myself, and this has become even more apparent by speaking to someone impartial!

Anyway, my husband is in a mans club, it's secret and I'm sure you can guess what it is! Anyway, it's our youngest sons nativity this evening, and instead he is going to the Christmas meal at the club. He said he booked it before he knew about the play.

So anyway something came up in work today which possibly would need sorting this evening, so he asked if he could miss the meeting and go straight for the meal. He never said to me there was a meeting first, just implied by going to the play he would miss all the meal.

I'm not going to argue with him about it, as he will just sulk!

Would you be annoyed? Or am I just being petty? To be honest it's one thing in a long line which makes me think we are not a priority to him (children are his too).

IHeartKingThistle Tue 09-Dec-14 17:13:17

YANBU. I would feel angry - DC aren't stupid and they will realise they aren't his top priority.

LovleyRitaMeterMaid Tue 09-Dec-14 17:14:23

Being a mason is a huge commitment that will eat into every aspect of his life. Financially a well as time wise. It always will, right up to his funeral.

You're either alright with that or your not.

I know I wouldn't be.

LovleyRitaMeterMaid Tue 09-Dec-14 17:15:17

You aren't his priority, his big boys club is.

I'd be gone!

LittleMisslikestobebythesea Tue 09-Dec-14 18:36:24

No I'm not ok with it, but after many years I have finally seen where we stand in his priorities sad

CSIGingerbread Tue 09-Dec-14 19:13:59

FFS! HIBU. One of the key obligations is to do nothing to the detriment of your family or the laws of the land. The masons would not have been bothered had he missed a meeting due to his youngest a nativity. Unless he's the master, he's just interested in the big big club than the real ethos of the masons. He just wanted his Christmas jolly.

FWIW there's always a meeting before the meal. He was deliberately omitting details there.

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