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To be worried I won't get benefits?

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Hesgonenow Mon 08-Dec-14 07:59:03

My husband left about 2 months ago. I am in forces accomodation, although that early can't last long term.

I have applied for tax credits etc as once I am able I will be loving to be near my family, who are hundreds of miles away and plan to look for work as soon as I am sorted there. However, DWP have written to me asking for proof my husband no longer lives here. They want copies of bills, bank statements, rental agreements etc and some of these I don't have due to it being forces accommodation and what I do have I'm not sure really prove he doesn't live here?

The situation involves domestic violence and abuse and I feel terrified that they will reject my claim and then what on earth will I do? Has anyone been in this situation? (And yes, sorry, posting here for traffic as I'm very scared)

MinceSpy Mon 08-Dec-14 08:02:42

As you live in MOD property contact the family support officer and SSAFA for specialist support. Irregular occupants in MOD housing need extra support.

antimatter Mon 08-Dec-14 08:04:00

I think you will be better off with your questions on another MN forum -

cantthinkofanythingwitty Mon 08-Dec-14 08:05:54

It might also be worth speaking with the British Legion, as they may be able to assist you with moving costs to be nearer family and also access to benefits

Hesgonenow Mon 08-Dec-14 08:10:17

Tbh, I want to avoid involving the forces if at all possible due to the fact they have been passing on information to my husband and 'taking sides'. I know in theory this shouldn't happen, but it has and I just want to do things alone. I can stay here for at least another four months (SSAFA are involved as are AWS) and I should be able to save a deposit in that time. I hope. Otherwise SSAFA have said they can help with that.

I have spoken to DWP and said I can provide a letter from the army saying my husband has moved out, but I'm still not sure what that will prove?

Soleurmange Mon 08-Dec-14 08:10:31

So sorry your going through this op flowers

MinceSpy Mon 08-Dec-14 08:16:08

SSAFA are,completely confidential and used to forces break ups.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Mon 08-Dec-14 08:18:02

Definitely see if you can get a letter from the MOD confirming it's just you now. Might be worth getting some benefits advice? Perhaps try CAB.

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