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To cut my own foot off?? Verrucas... Help.

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Keepswimming123 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:25:46

I have had a verruca for about ten years (boak) help me get rid of it??

cricketpitch Sun 07-Dec-14 22:31:08

There wasa thread on here recently, ( started in 2012 but recent posts). Wd any of this help?

CarcerDun Sun 07-Dec-14 22:31:19

Using sanding paper or an emery board, file it right down. Put on some Bazuka then cover with gaffa tape.

Repeat daily until the bastard dies. This was done on advice of our GP. it worked with DHs long standing ones.

Keepswimming123 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:33:04

I saw that one, but apparently it involved digging... I am not a fan and I am quite squeamish.. Won't sanding result in some sort of pain?! I am such a wimp. Just want to get rid of the fucker as it's started to hurt...

missymayhemsmum Sun 07-Dec-14 22:33:09

My DD had one like that. Eventually, putting a waterproof plaster on it every day worked where freezing, creams, etc hadn't. Saw a telly programme where they tested covering it with gaffer tape. It worked, apparently. Stopping the air getting to it kills it apparently (and stops you spreading it too). Cheap, easy and got to be worth a try.

toastandmarmiterocks Sun 07-Dec-14 22:36:11

I think the pain means it's on its way out... Gaffer tape works, used it on my daughter. She took multi vitamins with zinc too, you need your immune system to be tip top!

CarcerDun Sun 07-Dec-14 22:36:29

Don't sand if it hurts. Try squeezing between your fingers so that you only sand the veruca, not the skin around. You need to cut off air and light so a waterproof plaster might work too. Gaffa tape stays on well though.

Keepswimming123 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:36:32

I always wear flip flops, as I am totally ashamed of the little fucker who has chosen to take root in my foot... It's pretty grim, and it's been there for years... I will give that a go... Not holding out much hope.

Keepswimming123 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:37:24

Would it be gross to post a pic??

TimelyNameChangey Sun 07-Dec-14 23:06:44

No! I'd love to see it OP! I love looking at verrucas! Not kidding. blush

Get it on!

Shakirasma Sun 07-Dec-14 23:14:13

I recently discovered a tip about using coconut oil, which is naturally antiviral. I tried it and within a fortnight the verrucas which had been bugging me for years, were gone.

crazykat Sun 07-Dec-14 23:15:59

Soaking a cotton wool ball in apple cider vinegar and taping over it is supposed to work according to other threads I've read on here, I think someone used apple cider vinegar supplements instead which also worked (and didn't reek of vinegar). I keep.meaning to get some to try it.

Branleuse Sun 07-Dec-14 23:26:29

soak your feet in apple cider vinegar every night till the verruca turns black and falls off/comes out

Preciousbane Sun 07-Dec-14 23:29:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Discopanda Sun 07-Dec-14 23:39:35

I've had one on my big toe since the dawn of time and thought my foot was just a lost cause, so I'll be trying some of these!

cococandyfloss Sun 07-Dec-14 23:47:04

I got rid of one on DD's foot-I had read the tip on here and NHS site-hand sanitizer! Applied it everyday then filed and about a month later it had gone altogether. Worth a try op.

RedSoloCup Sun 07-Dec-14 23:50:27

Have you tried bazuka, it's always worked for us, shocked my 4yo has one though sad

JamNan Sun 07-Dec-14 23:55:08

is the best remedy

Preciousbane Sun 07-Dec-14 23:57:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PotteringAlong Mon 08-Dec-14 00:01:45

Cider vinegar, cover in gaffer tape, wait to fall out.

SockDrawer Mon 08-Dec-14 00:03:43

grin @ precious and gutted there's no photo!

iamthenewgirl Mon 08-Dec-14 00:04:26

Tea tree oil was the only thing that got rid of mine.

Notmeagain1 Mon 08-Dec-14 00:06:30

Dr Scholls Clear Away wart remover works like a charm. My DH had a horrible one and it was gone in about a week. It has a medicine in the middle with a pad around it to cushion so it not painful to walk on.

Im in the states, but think if you can't get them there, you could on line. Good luck, they really are nasty little buggers.

Wheelerdeeler Mon 08-Dec-14 00:09:20

Tell me more about the coconut oil?

Ujjayi Mon 08-Dec-14 00:12:26

Did anyone find duct/gaffa tape that properly sticks to the foot? I tried 3 times with DS's feet last week but it just fell off quite quickly. Do I need to secure it with micropore?

Also, do you keep the ACV soaked cotton wool beneath the tape? Or do you just dab & then cover?

Poor DS has 3 & all very painful. Has had 2 bouts of freezing & 2 months of occlusal with no discernible difference.

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