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To be cheesed of about wrapping paper?

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LuckyLopez Sun 07-Dec-14 22:09:45

Yes yes I'm very ungrateful blah blah blah....

Relative has given a birthday present (via someone else) to ds1 fir tomorrow.

It's wrapped in Christmas paper. I think that's so rude and lazy.

Of course I won't say anything but I'm sure it wouldn't happen to anyone's birthday in another month of the year so I'm peeved on behalf of ds.

LuckyLopez Sun 07-Dec-14 22:10:21

Argh! Title should be cheesed off obviously!

sooperdooper Sun 07-Dec-14 22:11:12

Really? Yes ungrateful and daft, your ds won't care and it's nice of them to have bought a gift, if it was me and knew you'd complained I wouldn't bother again

LuckyLopez Sun 07-Dec-14 22:12:43

Who says DS won't care? He might, he hasnt seen it yet.

LucyLastik Sun 07-Dec-14 22:12:52

Winds me right up too. It was my birthday yesterday and after 33 years, my mum FINALLY used actual birthday wrapping paper!

Littlefish Sun 07-Dec-14 22:12:59

You are being ridiculous.

It's a present.
It's wrapped up.

Pipbin Sun 07-Dec-14 22:14:37

I agree. Yes it is ungrateful but you have acknowledged that.
I had a boyfriend whose birthday was Christmas day. He hated when people wrote happy birthday in his Christmas card.

KnackeredMerrily Sun 07-Dec-14 22:15:29

Re-wrap it?

BeyondRepair Sun 07-Dec-14 22:15:30

oh no!!!

I have wrapped a present for bday in xmas paper too.

I have literally run out of money buying their gift.

I tried to choose a paper that could have transferable skills....
I would have preferred birthday paper but I literally have not a pound spare for three days.

I have also brought xmassy that a no no too shock

JazzAnnNonMouse Sun 07-Dec-14 22:17:22

My birthday was a few days ago - it does annoy but not too much. You're right, if person was born in June you wouldn't get Xmas paper because 'that's what they had in' birthday paper/non specific paper is still being sold - hasn't been replaced by Xmas paper! grin
I think those born in December or have children/important significant other for whom this niggles in December are going to have the minority view that it's annoying.

evmil Sun 07-Dec-14 22:19:00

YANBU, I think it is a little bit rude and lazy tbh

My DSS1 is born on christmas day (so slightly different) but this would irritate him no end, along with christmas cards with the words 'happy birthday' written in and one present for both birthday and christmas (especially when they have bought the exact same thing for DSS2 just for christmas)

His argument is if his birthday was at any other time of the year then nobody would do it, so therefore they shouldn't just because his birthday is near Christmas and i think he has a point.

meditrina Sun 07-Dec-14 22:19:06

I have a sibling with a December birthday and because my DM was absolutely rigorous about making sure that the birthday was not subsumed by Christmas, I would never ever wrap a birthday present in Christmas paper (I would hand over unwrapped, if there was no way of getting birthday or non-specific wrapping paper).

BelleateSebastian Sun 07-Dec-14 22:19:20

Holy smoke, ffs, get some perspective!

skylark2 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:19:30

I always use Christmas wrapping paper for DD's presents. Very specific Christmas wrapping paper.

She is called Holly.

Scholes34 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:19:45

I always try to pick up paper with transferable skills in the sales after Christmas - enough to see me through a year of birthdays!

Sirzy Sun 07-Dec-14 22:20:12

YANBU to be miffed. Having a birthday close to christmas it is frustrating when the birthday just seems to become part of christmas rather than an event on its own. If it came with a "so sorry about the paper I realised I had nothing else in" then thats one thing but to just send it in christmas paper would annoy me but I wouldn't say anything as I wouldn't want to seem ungrateful.

calmexterior Sun 07-Dec-14 22:20:38


Especially as he is one year old! Wrapping is wrapping. Why be wasteful and get more? And I've be guilty of this same crime for December birthdays

TiggerLillies Sun 07-Dec-14 22:21:37

Well at least is wrapping paper, I usually use newspaper with pretty ribbons as don't ever seem to have wrapping paper handy.

Suefla62 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:22:01

My best friends DSs birthday is Christmas Day. In her house it's Christmas Day until noon, then it's his birthday.

lickingstars Sun 07-Dec-14 22:22:11

I am with you OP my birthday is close to Christmas and it used to really upset me as a kid when someone used Christmas paper. It felt like people couldn't be bothered or that my birthday wasn't as important as Christmas/other people's birthdays.

Obviously as an adult I no that it was a bit ungrateful and I understand that Christmas paper is just more convenient but at the time it used to upset me so I think YANBU

LuckyLopez Sun 07-Dec-14 22:22:21

Exactly, ds2's birthday is in the summer and if somebody didn't have birthday paper in, I doubt they'd dig out the Christmas paper. They'd maje the effort to get some birthday or at least neutral paper in. It seems ds1 doesn't deserve the same courtesy.

LuckyLopez Sun 07-Dec-14 22:22:57

Where the frig did I say he was one yr old???

calmexterior Sun 07-Dec-14 22:23:32

Sorry I don't know why I thought he was one btw...

Waitingonasunnyday Sun 07-Dec-14 22:23:41

I would never wrap a birthday present in Christmas paper, it's not a Christmas present!

TenMinutesEarly Sun 07-Dec-14 22:24:13

I think you may have lost a little perspective.

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