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to loathe and despise the ad for PrimeLocation

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Jux Sun 07-Dec-14 21:37:51

Everything about it I loathe.

The script. Crap and smug and wankerish in the extreme.
The voice. Smug. Vomit-inducingly mug.

That dreadful, dreadful "and deservedly so" at the end.

Any other ads as loathsome? Which are your, er, favourites?

Gawjushun Sun 07-Dec-14 21:42:10

Hey they deserve their house dontcha know. They worked hard for it. Unlike those lazy minimum wage workers who can't get on the property ladder.

Most ads get on my tits, but any one with a terrible Pam Ayres style poem will always have me scrambling for the remote. I.e. The McDonalds ads.

Jux Mon 08-Dec-14 14:55:37

Shit doggerel is the pits. You can almost guarantee that if that's the calibre of ad copy they can afford, whatever their product is it's going to be baaaaaaad.

mangoespadrille Mon 08-Dec-14 15:44:53

Yes, if you don't have a glass balcony overlooking the sea it's simply because you're a lazy slob who doesn't deserve it. Imagine a world in which everyone got their material possessions based on whether or not they "deserved" them...we can only dream.

minipie Mon 08-Dec-14 15:57:44

I find it really weird. I'd have thought it's likely to lose them customers rather than gain them.

How many people are in the wage bracket the ad is clearly talking about (judging by the houses shown)? Maybe 1% of people?

Everyone else is just going to think "oh right, primelocation isn't going to have the kind of house I can afford" and not bother to use their site.

And that's leaving aside the fact that it's offensive to people who work bloody hard and still can't afford a wooden rocking horse and glass balcony.

Gawjushun Mon 08-Dec-14 17:38:41

Yeah, it certainly put me off looking, as I assumed it was just really fancy houses. Nope, same as Rightmove, but the site is more annoying to navigate. They sell many properties in very non-prime locations, such as my shitty home town, so the name is misleading!

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