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WWYD, customer wants refund.

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Altinkum Sun 07-Dec-14 03:51:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rinkydinkypink Sun 07-Dec-14 03:54:54

Ask her what she wants changing on the tree. Try to fix it if not then as for your costs back of £12.

Altinkum Sun 07-Dec-14 04:00:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PotteringAlong Sun 07-Dec-14 04:17:58

Did she know the price before you made it?

She's trying it on - just say no!

HollyJollyDillydolly Sun 07-Dec-14 04:22:19

I think it looks lovely.

Altinkum Sun 07-Dec-14 04:30:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TsukuruTazaki Sun 07-Dec-14 04:31:10

She sounds a real chancer. She knew what the product was, asked for a custom one to be made, was happy with it on receipt and now she is moaning hmm

I would just tell her (as diplomatically as possible) to do one

The tree looks lovely by the way, fab idea

steff13 Sun 07-Dec-14 04:33:12

If she knew what you were charging and had seen the trees before she ordered, I don't think you should refund. Especially since it was customized for her. Did she say specifically what she didn't like?

Altinkum Sun 07-Dec-14 04:50:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

however Sun 07-Dec-14 04:53:54

Your ex-colleague is wrong. But if it were me, I'd allow her to pay cost price, and never do business with her again.

Hairylegs47 Sun 07-Dec-14 05:01:08

If anything you've under charged her.
I would give her a break down of the actual costs and tell her as she is a colleague I wanted it to be a favour to her. That I didn't even factor in the time spent making it either. Then I'd ask her what kind of price would she be willing to pay as I wouldn't want to be wasting my time with a business that would pay it's way. Oh and thank you for the input.

For the record, I buy stuff like that all the time, £20 is a bargain! Do you have a website??

Hairylegs47 Sun 07-Dec-14 05:05:14

And now I'm off to see if I can find some raspberry ruffles.

Witcheswerehorses Sun 07-Dec-14 05:23:57

Break down the costs, including value of ALL materials used. You paid for them after all, even if they were for the christening. Tell her that you are quite offended by her text as you had done her a favour.then disengage as much as you can.

Wonc Sun 07-Dec-14 05:54:04

I am angry on your behalf.

It is beautiful and I think she is a bitch.

Wonc Sun 07-Dec-14 05:55:39

And in reply to your WWYD question, I would icily let her know that you are now going to be losing money because of her quibbling. Then never ever speak to her again.

nooka Sun 07-Dec-14 06:03:27

I think I'd just text back and something along the lines of 'I'm sorry you feel that way' and then disengage. The tree was built to her order, she knew the design and the cost in advance and she accepted and paid for it. You can't resell and I assume that you don't usually offer refunds because of the food safety regulations.

FishWithABicycle Sun 07-Dec-14 06:07:23

Text back "of course I haven't overcharged you. It's more expensive than sweets loose in a bag as lots of love, effort and skill goes in too!"

Altinkum Sun 07-Dec-14 06:17:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Sun 07-Dec-14 06:22:56

Don't offer her the refund, just send the breakdown of costs.

MidniteScribbler Sun 07-Dec-14 06:26:04

Do not send her a breakdown of costs. It's not any of her business. She knew the cost and the item before ordering, so tough. She doesn't have a right to a product at 'cost' price, the OP is running a business, and she deserves to make a profit for her work. She's already been given a discount, so she can bugger off.

lunar1 Sun 07-Dec-14 06:34:37

She is being a cheeky cow but I'd probably do the same as you. Never do anything for her again though.

FishWithABicycle Sun 07-Dec-14 06:36:14

Is she already badmouthing you/ leaving negative facebook comments? Or are you just worried she might?
Giving her an £8 refund is a massive over-reaction and a bit passive-aggressive. Don't do it.
Do you normally sell them at £20 or did you already give her a discount? Was she perhaps expecting to only pay cost price? (don't let her get away with that - it's infuriating how many people expect others to do professional stuff for free)
Give her a full breakdown of costs, including all materials and itemising your time and effort e.g. "1.5 hours of my time @ £x per hour" covering the difference between the materials and the selling price (and I wouldn't be at all surprised if that calculation came up with a number less than minimum wage).

SugarPlumTree Sun 07-Dec-14 06:47:21

I think it looks lovely and having had a look at a few sites plus EBay, think you have undercharged.

Think I would text her, say you are sorry she feels that way, don't like it when people are disappointed but if she has a look at these sites (link similar comparisons) she will see that the rate you have charged is very reasonable and under the current market rate and that you charged her that as she is a colleague.

I wouldn't breakdown your costs but say it took x hours of your time plus holds 1.5 kg of sweets and ask what she doesn't like about it, in case you could quickly change it.

PorkyMinch Sun 07-Dec-14 06:48:38

I would ask her to explain specifically how she feels that it has not met her expectations.

You are not legally obliged to give a full refund unless the product cannot be used at all. Say, because the sweeties were fake. If it is, for example, because she doesn't like the sweeties, or the colour, as long as you made it clear it would include those, she can jog on for a full refund.

However, if it is something you promised that she is reasonable to expect, you can refund a portion of the costs to make up for its deprecated value to her.

Or, you can make a gesture of a percentage off either way as goodwill. I would say between ten and thirty percent depending on what her gripe is.

Another example of how contracts work in this case would be buying a dress with a rip in it in a shop. You wouldn't get to have the dress for free. You'd be offered to pay less for the dress.

Altinkum Sun 07-Dec-14 06:49:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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