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To think these kinds of parking 'fines' are unlawful and that companies should not be allowed to levy them?

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lecce Sat 06-Dec-14 17:22:22

Today I received a 'fine' of £100, reduced to £60 if I pay up within 14 days, after failing to pay and display in a supermarket car park a couple of weeks ago. I was there for 30 minutes. It happened because, since the last time I went there (about 3 weeks before I incurred the fine) the car park has changed from a free one to a P&D.

I went to look at the signs today, because I feel that, due to the change, there should have been huge signs alerting people to the fact that they now have to pay - I honestly saw nothing, or I would obviously have paid. Today I saw that approaching the car park from the direction I do, there is no sign visible from the road as it is at an angle in the entrance - so you can see it from the other way, but not my way unless you turn your head sharply to the right as you drive in - which would be unlikely. Inside there are two small signs, very easy to miss (I clearly did). The big sign in the entrance is clear if you are facing it, but if you only went in the supermarket and not the high street, you wouldn't walk past it. I did, but still didn't see it - I had the dc with me. When I appeal I may well say I only went in the supermarket.

The signage is one thing, but I have been on CAB website and it states that these companies are only supposed to cover their costs when they 'fine' you. The car park wasn't full, so I have cost them nothing. I was there for 30 minutes ffs - £100!!!

I will appeal, of course - I have no intention of paying either amount, but my point is, why is the onus on me to appeal? If they are not supposed to fine people, they shouldn't, and, as it is widely known that they do, they should be stopped. Some individuals would be unable to access the information they need to appeal, scared at the prospect of legal action etc, and pay up.

I find it disgraceful. AIBU?

hellyhants Sat 06-Dec-14 17:31:04

No. Don't ignore it though, go to the Martin Lewis money saving website that tells you what to do about them. People will say ignore it. Please don't as they are enforceable in certain circumstances. I got one about this time last year and wrote telling them all the reasons why the demand was invalid. I heard no more.

solidussnake Mon 08-Dec-14 14:11:18

if its pay and display you must pay and display. it says on the signs if you don't, you're breaching contract and parking illegally.
Just as people who are technically disabled and don't have a blue badeg, park in a disabled bay and expect to get off scot free - you need a blue badge. If you don't have one, it's illegal to park there.
i find it disgraceful too. but, park illegally, pay the fine. simple as that.
there are a lot of elderly people that my friend deals with that have parked illegally and think they can park wherever they wish - if you park illegally, you MUST pay up because you will get taken to court.

Nomama Mon 08-Dec-14 14:20:20

Take pictures and send them in, copies to the supermarket Head Office too.

Point out that the way you drove in the change was not well signposted and you would appreciate them addressing that aspect of their new car park arrangements rather than chasing you for payment!

But only do that AS WELL AS using the Martin Lewis guidelines.

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