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To expect my appointments to be more or less on time

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pigsDOfly Sat 06-Dec-14 11:47:08

I'm trying to sell my house at the moment. It's a saga that has been running for some time - had a couple of purchasers pull out - so maybe I'm irritated by this more than I should be, but when people come for viewing shouldn't the appointments be for the time stated?

The agent likes the vendor to be out when they show the house, which is fair enough as I think it's uncomfortable for everyone if the vendor is there. I have 3 viewings today spread out across the day, over about a five hour period.

I have to walk the dog at these times so I have all the faff of getting her out as well. I can't be out of the house for that period of time it's cold out and I have nowhere else to go. The dog is small so a walk of 2 hours a day is pretty much her limited, also she gets very stressed if she's over walked.

I usually make sure I'm out of the house at least 20 minutes before the viewing time just in case they're a bit early. All that is fine if we're working to time slots.

This morning the estate agent turned up 45 minutes early for the first appointment - fortunately I was more or less ready to go as last week she turned up 30 minutes early for one viewing; I was out for the second one that day so have no idea what time she came.

When I queried it she said, 'well they're block bookings'. Not sure I understand what that means really. If it was an open house day, fair enough but it isn't.

If they're taking people to multiple viewings surely they must have an idea of where they will be at any given time and how long a viewing takes.

So has anybody else found this with estate agents? Is it normal?

I will speak to the person I deal with at the office next week, the person showing the house is someone else and of course, I do want to sell my house but surely an appointment is an appointment.

JellyDiamonds Sat 06-Dec-14 11:51:31

I used to work in an estate agents and have never heard of this before. If a house was occupied by the vendor then it was always them who showed potential buyers around, the agent only ever did so if the property was empty or the vendor was at work or on holiday or unavialbe for some reason.

I think they are being cheeky expecting you to be out during this time!

nocoolnamesleft Sat 06-Dec-14 11:51:53

A few years ago, I was house hunting 5 hours from where I lived. I saw 23 properties in 3 days. And I was on time for each one. It can be done.

RosesandRugby Sat 06-Dec-14 12:02:04

Have you considered having 1 open day and then sealed bids for the property? There wont be any more of you leaving the house when it not convenient and if it doesn't work 1st time book another one for 1 month later.

Ive just done this with a property I inherited. I really got fed up with estate agents thinking because im an at home mum they can come along at any time they feel like it but I am actually very busy. This was the easiest way for me.

Also if my property was still occupied there is no way I would leave my house while complete strangers wander around and could quite easily 'pocket' anything and no-one would know. Im not even sure my house insurance would cover a theft or damage caused if I willingly left my property and allowed strangers to wander around. shock

simbacatlivesagain Sat 06-Dec-14 12:05:46

I think they mean that they are going with the same set of viewers to a lot of houses back to back. So if they dont like one they may well be quicker- so the timings go out.

RosesandRugby- not all places in the country have a housing market that can support open days and sealed bids.

pigsDOfly Sat 06-Dec-14 12:27:26

Thanks for your replies. I'm glad to know I'm not being difficult. And after all, I'm paying the piper; when they sell a house they stand to make quite a bit of money, I just think they should be a bit more considerate towards the person who pays their fees.

All the estate agents I've dealt with, both buying and selling, like to show the properties themselves and they've all asked that the vendor be out of the house while they show it.

Yes, in the past I've always shown my house to potential buyers and likewise been shown houses by the owners. Maybe it's peculiar to this area. Although when I bought this house 3 years ago I was shown round by the owner.

Yes, the theft thing has crossed my mind as well Roses. Must admit that I have gone round and checked things are still in place on a few occasions.

Again, most of the agents I've spoken to aren't keen on open days as a general rule either. When I was looking at properties to buy I went to a few and actually found it very off putting, although I think they were generally done very badly as they just had people turning up to view with no appointments, so you found yourself wandering around with a crowd of other people and you couldn't see a thing really. Bit like looking round a stately home, except it was a 2 bedroom terracesmile

I shall feel happier speaking to the estate agent next week now I know other people think INBU.

CandidConfessions Sat 06-Dec-14 12:35:42

Our house is on the market too. Agent turns up 3 or 4 mins before the client, viewing take 30 mins. By agreement we are always out (I think it's uncomfortable for viewers to have the current owner there). I go for a short walk too, or do my weekly shop etc etc. The agent turns up a few minutes early to check the house is ok - that we didn't leave curtains drawn etc. I'd say that's ok, any earlier not. I'm sorry for you, selling houses at the moment isn't as easy as it was hust a few months ago. We've lost two buyers for valid reason recently, it's frustrating. Speak to your agent though and agree a different arrangement, they are acting for you, you pay them you can instruct them.

pigsDOfly Sat 06-Dec-14 12:36:39

Yes, I suspect that's what they are doing simbacat but to turn up for an appointment 45 minutes early is a bit unfair in my book, and how many houses could you have hated enough to be at someone's house by 10.30. At least ring up first and check it's okay.

Last week when she turned up 30 minutes early she was fiddling around with her key trying to open the locked door - lock can't be opened from the outside if it's locked from the inside - it just feels a bit intrusive and I think they should have bit more consideration, after all it's my home and I'm actually still living in it. They know I'll possibly still be in and if you turn up so early you don't just let yourself in, I could have been in the loo with the door open; I live alone so things like that are a distinct possibility.

OttiliaVonBCup Sat 06-Dec-14 12:40:25

I think what EA means by block bookings is that they have a few houses lined up with a buyer so it depends how long the other viewings take and how long it will take then to drive to and from.

It's a pain, I agree.

pigsDOfly Sat 06-Dec-14 12:43:12

Absolutely Candid. Although it does seem that a bit more interest has been generated in this area by the change in stamp duty charges, which is good news

House prices in this area are a bit high compared to the national average. Having to pay less stamp duty means that some people are willing to look at a slightly higher priced house, or so my estate agent tells me.

OttiliaVonBCup Sat 06-Dec-14 12:43:35

Can you ask the EA to call/text you when they leave the property prior to yours, so you know when to leave the house?

pigsDOfly Sat 06-Dec-14 12:55:51

Well if they are going to be so early I would expect them to do that automatically BCup otherwise it's not really necessary as I'm generally always out before they're due.

I suspect it's this one particular person who's at fault with this as I've been with them for about 3 months now and this has only started happening since she's started showing the house.

Will definitely speak to them next week.

Am off out now as have further viewings, thankfully it's a lovely sunny, albeit cold, day here.

tootyflooty Sat 06-Dec-14 13:13:51

I work in an estate agents, If I haven't personally seen the property before, I will go ten minutes early, just to introduce myself to the vendor ( if they are in)and have a quick look round. Incidentally, although we have keys to many of the properties, if it isn't vacant we always knock in case someone is home, and wouldn't just assume to let ourselves in.

Block bookings for properties with high interest are common, but this is for an agreed time slot with the vendor, and we would have a list of confirmed viewings, probably with 15 min time slots ( depending on the size of the property). Open house, is different , in that you don't know for sure who is going to turn up, but a time slot would still be agreed in advance with the vendor. so we could be there for say 2 hours and only have 3 people turn up. We certainly never ask vendors to go out, but some don't like to be around as find it awkward ,for many reasons, as viewers either speak too freely with no regard for the fact they are in someones home, or don't want to feel they have to chat to the agent in the gaps. its personal choice. Certainly if we have a key and the vendor is happy for us to show round while they are out at work etc, it means there is more flexibility when arranging viewings. I do think turning up 30 mins early is a little excessive. On the flip side we have so many occasions where the viewers doesn't show up and don't let us know, or are very late, and then get very shirty when we need to rebook, as they don't seem to understand that we have other appointments to go onto where people will be waiting for us. It is more frustrating when the vendor has waited in to do a viewing, and they don't show up or let us know. We get paid for the inconvenience but the vendor does not, so I can understand your frustration.

pigsDOfly Sat 06-Dec-14 16:48:41

The EA didn't turn up on her own 30 minutes early last week Tooty she had the viewer with her and again this morning, 45 minutes early with the viewer. I don't actually know if she hadn't seen the house before last week as I'm not always sure who does the viewings, but I know she wasn't showing it until fairly recently.

The block booking wasn't for my house as the next viewing wasn't for another 2 and half hours. That was why I was a bit puzzled as to it's relevance.

What I think she meant was that she was showing the buyer several houses one after the other, well if they've been booked at a particular time, that's when they should turn up. Yes if he's early for an appointment it might be nice for them to get on with things, but I'm the EA client and turning up at my house for an appointment 45 minutes early because it suit them with no apology for disturbing me and no prior notice is not on in my opinion. In fact she seemed a bit put out that I was still at home.

It's embarrassing for the viewer and me.

I need to speak to them next week and get this sorted out because it's making me feel uncomfortable wondering if I'm going to be rushed out when they turn up early.

Perhaps I need to take a bit more control, but I'm trying to be flexible and agreeable because I want to sell my house.

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