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To call in sick to work

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NayrusWisdom7 Sat 06-Dec-14 05:38:35

So I've been up all night with a sore chest/throat, coughing and spitting up bloody mucus and I've coughed so much I've made myself nauseous. Feeling like complete crap.
I'm due to work 8.30 to 5.30 today and as I perform a specialised role in a pharmacy there is no one else in the pharmacy who can perform my role (although I am not a pharmacist). Including myself there are three people who run the pharmacy area on Saturdays, the pharmacist, myself and a counter assistant so if I don't go in things will be EXTREMELY tight. I am very good friends with both the pharmacist and the counter assistant so I will feel bad for leaving them to suffer all day but I also know if I go into work I'll spend the whole day a wheezing, coughing mess.
What should I do?! sad

ParisWhenItSizzles Sat 06-Dec-14 05:42:24

Do you think you're fit to work?

ChippingInAutumnLover Sat 06-Dec-14 05:44:20

In that situation I would go in for as long as I could cope with and try to do anything I could to stay the whole shift (you're in the right place for remedies!!) failing that, try to prepare as much as I could for when I'd left.

However, I'm someone who can and has to function on very little sleep, so I guess it might wipe you out more than me.

Also, no idea what you do that's only you can do if you aren't a pharmacist (unless it's second count?) but only you know if you are safe to work if under par.

Hope you feel better soon!

LineRunner Sat 06-Dec-14 05:50:10

You don't want to be passing that on in a pharmacy.

FishWithABicycle Sat 06-Dec-14 06:19:35

No, don't go in. You are clearly not fit to work. It's ok to be ill when you are ill. A well-run business is able to cope when people are ill and if the day goes badly without you that will be a useful learning experience.

Stay at him and look after yourself.

makeminea6x Sat 06-Dec-14 06:19:59

I think you ought to be considering whether you need to see OOH.

Chottie Sat 06-Dec-14 06:24:02

I think you ought to go to the doctors. You are not well enough to go to work and shouldn't take the risk of passing your lurgy onto anyone else

Stay in the warm, in bed and I hope you feel better soon.

TiggerLillies Sat 06-Dec-14 09:50:50

Given you work in a pharmacy where there will be a higher chance of encountering people with compromised immune systems, I'd stay away!

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