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To Still want to be paid back the money I'm owed even though dps car needs to be fixed?

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flux500 Fri 05-Dec-14 20:05:05

dp borrowed money off me just for a few days he said. I said ok. He said the latest i would get the money is today.

He has just arrived home and told me he needs something done to his car and he's all dramatic about it.

I left it a few hours before I said that I needed that money back and I do need it, this close to Christmas every pound is allocated!

He said I'm being mean asking him for the money at all knowing he now needs to pay for the car.

Am I being unreasonable? What would you do?

RoastitBubblyJocks Fri 05-Dec-14 20:15:52

I think he never had any intention of paying you back. And this whole car huffing and puffing was designed to make you feel bad for asking.

I assume he is more of a boyfriend and you have separate finances. In which case, YANBU and he owes you first, before he fixes his car, as you don't have the money to spare.

flux500 Fri 05-Dec-14 20:36:09

roast I am thinking along the same lines.

Yes we have seperate finances as he's really bad with money. I swore never to lend to him again but he made it sound so reasonable.


RoastitBubblyJocks Fri 05-Dec-14 21:36:11

If I was you, Flux I'd get the money back from him and never ever lend him money again.

catsmother Fri 05-Dec-14 21:49:56

If you borrow money on the understanding that it's repaid by a particular date then, short of a genuine life and death situation arising in the meantime, you pay it back by the date you said you would!

In other words, his debt to you takes priority - hope he stands by his promise. He'll have to find another way of sorting out the car.

Inertia Fri 05-Dec-14 21:58:36

He is being totally unreasonable. Get the money back, then don't ever lend to him or trust him again. Doubt you'll get it though based on what you've written.

SolidGoldBrass Fri 05-Dec-14 22:35:28

He hasn't got the money and you won't be getting it back for a while.
Does he have enough good qualities to make up for his financial incompetence?

RedSoloCup Fri 05-Dec-14 23:36:54

sounds like my ex who is an ex for a very good reason....

flux500 Sat 06-Dec-14 08:24:18

solid I want to say yes but each time this happens the good quantities seem to get more and more lacklustre.

red at times I really think I would be better off financially even though dp pays some of the bills too.... Seems at the end of each month the food etc ends up being my responsibility :-/

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