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to ask a Mumsnetter to help me track something down on t'internet, because I am so hopeless at it?

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Mintyy Fri 05-Dec-14 12:07:49

And I hate Google.


I am trying to find a clip from a Chris Evans breakfast show, which was broadcast about 2/3 weeks ago.

It was an older man talking about how he met and fell in love with his wife. They were on a cruise. It was one of the most moving things I have ever heard. All accompanied by a male voice choir singing I Can't Help Falling In Love With You in the background.

I have looked at the CEBS facebook page, but not on there, I don't think.

I have googled, but its just not working for me.

Any other ideas? I would love my children to hear it.

solidussnake Fri 05-Dec-14 12:09:25

can't find anything on youtube, it's all from 4 years ago!

MrsHathaway Fri 05-Dec-14 12:11:48

Trawl through here?

Any more accurate date? How long ago and how long a clip? Was it a guest or a phone-in?

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