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JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 10:21:22

We ordered a full-price TV and wall bracket from John Lewis a week ago. We used John Lewis solely because they said they would deliver, install, and remove our old TV, and we thought this would be a convenient and reliable way to get everything sorted at once. John Lewis took the money and said they'd call back to arrange delivery and installation. They didn't.

4 days later, the TV and bracket turn up. Oh, are you here to install? - we ask happily. No, I'm just the delivery man, we're told. You have to phone John Lewis. We do, and are told that though there is a note on the order about installation and removal, they can't do anything, and someone will phone back within 24 hrs. They don't.

Today, we call them. Apparently the TV can't be installed until December 24th - which doesn't work, given Christmas plans. Meanwhile, the old TV is sitting where we want to put the Christmas tree, and we have a boxed-up new TV and bracket taking up space.

Aibu to think that John Lewis do not deserve their reputation for quality or customer service based on this experience?

Nomama Fri 05-Dec-14 10:23:44

Which of the installation services did you buy?

shelfontheelf Fri 05-Dec-14 10:24:35


I love John Lewis - had a package delivered to click and collect yesterday, got the box open and the inside box was a tiny bit damaged, I don't want this as it's a gift. Just got off the phone to them and they are sending a replacement to the house tomorrow free of charge.

I've never had an issue with them.

Nomama Fri 05-Dec-14 10:25:00

Sorry.. that posted too early?

It seems weird that their bumf says you can arrange at checkout, online etc but you were told they would ring back... throw a hissy fit... Twitter etc.

They have your money, go get 'em!

Pootles2010 Fri 05-Dec-14 10:25:40

Very suprised - they've been opposite of this for us. We've had issues with our oven & hob that weren't theirs to sort (faulty, should have been sorted by manufacturer), they were nothing short of amazing.

I'd give them another ring, ask to make a complaint, perhaps something on twitter to give them a quick kick?

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 10:27:33

Nomama - re service - not sure, my partner spoke to them - will ask...

shelfontheelf - guess they like you better!smile

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 10:33:04

Thing is, this isn't the first time for me either.

A few years ago I ordered some mugs from them, and several times they arrived broken. It took £20 of phonecalls to actually get an intact set...became a bit ridiculous, but they were needed specifically for a present...

Guess we should have learned from that.

londonrach Fri 05-Dec-14 10:34:46

John lewis like most companies make mistakes. The difference is they are amazing if anything goes wrong. My mil had three replacement blinds on their made to measure service (they came and measured) due to blind one (too big), blind two (someone used end of roll and tried to join pieces...dont ask looked awful) and blind three perfect. Mind you im waiting for our xmas pressie from mil which was meant to be delivered today but we now have no idea. (A wood bed base).

BikeRunSki Fri 05-Dec-14 10:35:37

I have never had an issue with them, and use them several times a year.

If this is your experience, then YANBU.

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 10:35:43

Nomama - good point about statements in bumf. Advertising standards??

Pootles2010 - yes, complaining is a good idea...though it is going to add to the stress of what was supposed to be stress-free and convenient!

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 10:37:21

londonrach - they have not been amazing with things going wrong in my experience, though (mugs and messing up with this whole thing!)

Comito Fri 05-Dec-14 10:39:20

I order from JL a lot and only once had something which didn't turn up. They were brilliant - sent a replacement FOC the next day. The original item did eventually appear so I called them to ask for a label to send it back and they told me to keep it!

I guess companies always make the odd mistake but I can honestly say I've never had a bad experience with JL. Sounds like you were unlucky.

LeonardWentToTheOffice Fri 05-Dec-14 10:50:31

I have always found JL fab. I ordered a washing machine from them that stated on the website it had a half load function. Once it arrived and was installed it didn't. I rang them and they offered to replace it with any machine around that price or above that did have this function or to refund me £50 (I think machine cost £250 originally) I opted for the £50. I really felt they were willing to bend over backwards to provide a good customer service.

I would press them a little more for them to rectify this in a more satisfactory way fsmile

bouncinbean Fri 05-Dec-14 10:50:42

I'm surprised - I've always found them really good and their customer service is excellent.
I've never needed to phone them up - but find them very helpful in store so maybe you'll have better luck dealing face to face than their contact centre...

OneLeggedCrabGoingInCircles Fri 05-Dec-14 10:52:24

Ive never really had an issue with them which is why I like using them.
The only issue I had was having a fridge freezer delivered and the 2 men they sent were too small and weak and claimed health and safety to not lifting it over the low banisters into the kitchen, which the previous delivery men had done with no problem with my last fridge freezer.
Luckily my neighbours had a strong builder next door who rolled his sleeves up took over and got it lifted and job done. So basically they need stronger delivery men for these situations.

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 10:53:27

How do we press, though? - Because we are just not being called back and being stonewalled. Starting to feel that there is some magic John Lewis password to good service that we do not have!

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 10:55:19

OneLeggedCrabGoingInCircles, finding the idea of the small weak delivery men quite amusing for some reason!

OneLeggedCrabGoingInCircles Fri 05-Dec-14 11:08:51

Can you compromise and get someone else to do it and they will cover the cost?
Actually one of the delivery men was fine about it but the older smaller one was not. I was a bit baffled as to why he was a delivery man at all tbh as this scenario must come up all the time.
There was no way I was going to let anyone leave till I had my old fridge freezer taken away and new one in place.

Chrysanthemum5 Fri 05-Dec-14 11:10:21

Until recently I'd have disagreed with you as I've found them to be excellent. However recently we've been renovating our house and had lots of different companies delivering things. JL have been by far the worst ranging from the delivery people telling me my husband would have to call about a delivery as the title was 'Dr' and they assumed that would have to be a man, through to a cheery voice mail message telling me my dining table now won't be delivered until after Christmas.

So I find the staff in the shops are fine, but their delivery service really lets them down.

JassyRadlett Fri 05-Dec-14 11:16:01

Ask to speak to a manager; ask for information about the complaints process. Always ask for a timeframe on callback and a direct line and name for who you should speak to if it isn't resolved by then.

I've had one or two iffy JL moments but the resolution has always been really good.

londonrach Fri 05-Dec-14 11:16:04

Op...ive forgotten the magic word we use at jl to get their excellent service (i dont think you need a magic word for jl as usually comes as standard) However i find being polite and factual re the problem with dates and times (yes i do keep this information) opens doors. Dont get stressed just give the facts politely and show evidence...receipts, emails.

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 11:19:13

OneLeggedCrabGoingInCircles, good idea, but based on the circles we have already gone in, I wouldn't like to assume that would work out - it might be lots more chasing...

Chrysanthemum5, sounds stressful... And my pet hate: title-related assumptions (actually, title use, but that's another thread!)

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 11:21:50

londonrach - we have been polite, factual, etc, despite being messed around.

LarrytheCucumber Fri 05-Dec-14 11:22:56

I have had lukewarm service in the Peterborough branch.

JohnLewisAreRubbish Fri 05-Dec-14 11:25:48

Nomama, in answer to your question about installation service - they didn't offer a specific package, just stated that they would install with this wall bracket if we bought it from them too, and that they would remove the old TV.

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