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to put a note on this car?

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BirdhouseInYourSoul Tue 02-Dec-14 23:04:30

There is a neighbour who has taken to smoking in his car with the engine running this last week since the weather has turned cold.

It happens pretty much hourly until 1-2 am. Sometimes he has the radio on also I'd hate to see his petrol bill

It's bloody annoying me as it disturbs me every time and also DS has woken up on occasion too.

WIBU to put a note on his car telling him to pack it in?

What should I say?

LadyStark Tue 02-Dec-14 23:10:30


He's perfectly entitled to go and sit in his car every hour and run the engine if he wishes. I would not be impressed to get a note in this situation.

Whatsthewhatsthebody Tue 02-Dec-14 23:13:27

Not sure you could object really unless the radio was super loud.

Must be annoying though.

BirdhouseInYourSoul Tue 02-Dec-14 23:13:29

I am worried IABU but seriously, it's a very noisy car.

BirdhouseInYourSoul Tue 02-Dec-14 23:17:52

Maybe I could just passive aggressively turn the light on, yank the curtains back and stare at him so he's uncomfortable and finishes up quickly. smile

sometimes he's in there for 10 minutes or more. It's pretty annoying.

Patilla Tue 02-Dec-14 23:21:19

Isn't it unlawful these days to let your engine run for any length of time while the car is stationary?

BirdhouseInYourSoul Tue 02-Dec-14 23:25:56

hmm. I'm not sure.

Maybe I can stick some global warming leaflets on the car instead?

wowfudge Tue 02-Dec-14 23:27:17

This person is your neighbour - can you not speak to him or another of his family members rather than leaving a note on his car? Or buy him a slanket so he can smoke in comfort outside the house without getting into his car and starting the engine.

BirdhouseInYourSoul Tue 02-Dec-14 23:33:05

I've never met him wow or his family.

I'm not really certain which of the two flats he is from to be honest.

I'm not very good with confrontation of any sort so that's why I thought a friendly note might work.

I just wondered if it was reasonable behaviour to sit with your engine running late at night directly outside peoples bedrooms.

I probably am being Unreasonable because I was just at the edge of sleep when he started up the car again and I got that rage you get at being woken at that point blush

TheCowThatLaughs Tue 02-Dec-14 23:57:37

It's inconsiderate to sit outside people's houses in the middle of the night running your car engine. He may not realise that it's disturbing people though. Some people are thick very self-absorbed, or maybe he just doesn't give a shit about anyone else!

KoalaDownUnder Wed 03-Dec-14 00:02:08

YANBU. Nobody wants to be woken several times at night by a loud car engine idling outside their bedroom window.

I think I might work up the nerve to politely approach him about it. But would be prepared to be told to fuck off. sad

abigamarone Wed 03-Dec-14 00:04:31

No such thing as a 'friendly note' when it's been anonymously stuck to your car.

Minerves Wed 03-Dec-14 01:29:53

yabu I think sorry. his car. I think all you can really do is ask him not to put his radio on after say 10pm.

Minerves Wed 03-Dec-14 01:30:21

but i also like the idea of buying him a slanket, that's cute

CupidStuntSurvivor Wed 03-Dec-14 02:19:01

I feel your pain (ground floor flat, car park directly next to my bedroom) but YABU. As pp said, there's no such thing as a friendly note when it's been put on your car and the writer isn't open about who they are. It's his car, he can do what he likes in it. You'd probably get further having a word face to face though there's little point in him sitting in the car, engine off as it wouldn't warm up.

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 03-Dec-14 02:23:01

It is a ticketable offence to leave your engine running. My neighbour used to do the same at 7am, leaving it running while he went inside for half an hour. The police fine folk for doing this.

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 03-Dec-14 02:25:38

"The law says that is an offence to idle your engine unnecessarily when stationary. If you fail to turn your engine off after being asked to do so by an authorised officer you can be issued with a fixed penalty notice.. This is enforced under the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002.

The law covers all vehicles on public roads including buses, taxis and private cars. However it does NOT apply to vehicles moving slowly due to road works or congestion; vehicles stopped at traffic lights; vehicles under test or repair; or defrosting a windscreen. The fixed penalty notice is issued to the driver of the vehicle."

BirdhouseInYourSoul Wed 03-Dec-14 09:19:58

I guess I'll just invest in some ear plugs and count the days till spring so he can stand in his garden again smile

I may try and have a word with him about it if I see him around.

Catsize Wed 03-Dec-14 09:26:47

He is very selfish and demonstrative of our ever-increasing 'I'll do what
I want, stuff everyone else' approach to life. sad
Stand next to his car dancing. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. He may soon stop after that. smile

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 03-Dec-14 09:36:05

or you could film him and send it to the council. With any luck they will send him a fixed penalty notice (see the link).

velourvoyageur Wed 03-Dec-14 09:38:47

does the radio use petrol??

BitOutOfPractice Wed 03-Dec-14 09:39:01

Just have a chat with him! Along the lines of "I'm not sure if you realise but..." and see what happens.

BirdhouseInYourSoul Wed 03-Dec-14 09:44:42

I have no idea velourvoyageur but having his engine running must do.

He was out there this morning with a cuppa too so I actually know what he looks like now. I will have a word next time I see him.

My horoscope said expect a timely prize this morning. So I'm either going to win a watch/clock at the school raffle later or the lottery. If it's the lottery I'll build the poor man a heated smoking shed!

I will check out the link LadySybil but I'd be reluctant to go down and official route tbh.

RhubarbAndMustard Wed 03-Dec-14 09:49:22

We had this issue at our last home and it does drive you crazy to be woken up every night.

I talked myself out of leaving a note though as it isn't very friendly. Perhaps organise some Xmas drinks for neighbours and then you can bring it into conversation that you hear them out there at night and must be very cold, etc.

NewEraNewMindset Wed 03-Dec-14 09:52:58

Actually I think a note can be friendly as long as it's not anonymous.

I wonder if you could put a note on his car saying that you are leaving the note due up not knowing which neighbour you are writing to. Explain that the car noise is waking everyone up in your house and then leave your house number so he can approach you to talk.

That might be enough to gee some conscience out of him. Of course if he is a twat then it might just get you a whole load of trouble. Anonymous notes are generally always treated as inflammatory unless they contain compliments and a mobile number of someone attractive wink

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