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To be insanely jealous of my neighbour?

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Catthiefkeith Tue 02-Dec-14 19:43:44

Woman a few doors up has been knocking on doors recently asking for donations of cat food for the local hedgehog rescue, which I have happily contributed to.

She knocked tonight to ask if I had any shoeboxes, and when I handed two over casually mentioned that she will be fostering two hedgehogs from tomorrow.

I am consumed by jealousy, even though I know that I wouldn't be allowed to I might have asked and they are often full of fleas.

Wibu to suddenly declare myself her best friend and pop round for a cuppa several times a day to covet her prickly orphans?

OttiliaVonBCup Tue 02-Dec-14 19:45:17

Take your camera.
Can't mention hedgehogs without providing pics.

It's rude.

OttiliaVonBCup Tue 02-Dec-14 19:46:24

Do they need some dog fur to line the boxes?

Dog seems to think it's time to shed?

Fabulous46 Tue 02-Dec-14 19:47:06

Just buy one for a pet. My DD has a pet pigmy hedgehog called Sarah, it's rather cute and no fleas.

Catthiefkeith Tue 02-Dec-14 19:47:39

I barely know her. I am kicking myself now for this sorry state of affairs. Maybe I should pop round with a nice cake or something?

Catthiefkeith Tue 02-Dec-14 19:48:40

I can't fabulous, for the same reason we can't foster one.
(Dd, ddog and dcat)

Fabulous46 Tue 02-Dec-14 19:49:26

Sarah looks a bit like this.

SpringBreaker Tue 02-Dec-14 19:50:34

If its anything like the hedgehogs my ex MIL used to foster (she had a huge garden with a wilderness at the bottom.. once released, you never see them again anyway.

OttiliaVonBCup Tue 02-Dec-14 19:51:02

If she felt happy enough to come and ask for the boxes then maybe she wants to be your new best friend?

Andrewofgg Tue 02-Dec-14 19:52:02

Do you need a good recipe?

DoJo Tue 02-Dec-14 19:54:39

Every hedgehog I have ever rescued (including the one I fostered for six months) STANK! Really, really reeked. Not just the poo (although that really smells too - sort of like fox poo as they have similar diets) but the actual hedgehog really smells, so visiting regularly and NOT living with one is probably ideal. But I'm sure she'd love to have you pop round for a visit - perhaps start with delivering helpful tins of cat food and see if you can wangle an invitation...! grin

Catthiefkeith Tue 02-Dec-14 20:57:56

Sorry about the delay, dd woke up. Love the cat food plan, will implement it tomorrow. smile

ILoveSimonCowell Tue 02-Dec-14 21:03:35

We have a hedgehog visitor! I just put out plates of cat biscuits. He eats them, collects leaves, nestles in our garden, repeats and repeats then he goes to sleep (I assume) and we see him again next year (or could be another hedgehog as they all look similar!). Cute, no idea if smelly, but doesn't add much value on the cute friendly pet front! Though our cat seems to like him and is happy to share his biscuits.

Threeplus1 Tue 02-Dec-14 21:11:07

fabulous a good friend of mine has a Pygmy hedgehog called Enid! We hedgehogsat for a few days over Christmas once. The kids loved feeding her her tiny worms and teaspoon of cat food smile

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