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To pay another vet fee?

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callow Tue 02-Dec-14 15:45:25

In October my cat had some surgery and I filled in a claim form and left it with the vet to be filled in with them and sent off. I paid about £5 for this service.

It turns out the insurance company has never received the claim form. The vet has said they sent it off at the end of October.

I have to fill in another form but they want me to pay the £5 again. I have said that I am not happy to pay this again as I have already paid it. The vet surgery said it isn't their problem as they sent if off.

I am waiting to hear back from them if I have to pay again.

Do you think I should pay again?

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Tue 02-Dec-14 15:55:08

Your vets is taking the piss by charging for dealing with pet insurance forms in the first place IMHO.

When I have to claim off my pet insurance, I just sign the form and the vets complete it and send it off. Unless my vets hide a fee in the amount they claim from my insurance companies, they don't charge one.

Aliennation Tue 02-Dec-14 16:06:06

Some vets do charge for this service, claim forms are time consuming but I think they're taking the piss asking you to pay twice.
In our practice all claims are scanned onto the client's record, if your vets don't do this they should at least have a photocopy-insurance companies claim not to have received claims with alarming regularity.
These days most claims are emailed and a hard copy kept by the vets. I always cc clients in too so all bases are covered.
Ask to speak to the practice manager, ask if they have a copy of your claim and if not why not. Then ask them to waive the fee or risk losing future business.
In future insist on being sent a copy of your completed claim.

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