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To think my dr should help me out?

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InfinitySeven Tue 02-Dec-14 15:13:06

I have quite severe anxiety. It's usually well controlled with medication. When my anxiety is bad, I cannot use the telephone. This is well-documented.

When my anxiety flared badly in October, the doctors asked me to make an appointment, but wouldn't give me one in any way other than on the phone. By the time I've got the confidence to use the phone, the appointments are gone. They have to be booked on the day.

I faxed today and asked for an appointment on Friday. Explained that it's the only day I have transport, that I've run out meds and really need them, and asked for a specific doctor who I can talk too despite my anxiety. They left me a voicemail confirming an appt for Friday.

Then they called again to say that they'd made a mistake and its a telephone appt with the wrong doctor, so I can't have anything prescribed. To get an appt on Friday, I have to call on Friday morning. I am "making life difficult" not being able to use a phone.

I submitted a repeat prescription form online to get my meds instead. They have declined it, I need to see the doctor first.

I can't get there on my own. I have to plan to have someone take me. I need my meds. I can't call.

Is it me?!

I've tried writing before but they ignore me.

Bearbehind Tue 02-Dec-14 15:16:05

Can you get someone else to phone for you on Friday?

Doctors receptionists can be notorious battle axes but they are incredibly difficult to get around.

LadyLuck10 Tue 02-Dec-14 15:17:57

Get someone to call for you?
What do you think they should be doing in this case?

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Tue 02-Dec-14 15:18:43

I would go to the surgery and ask to speak to the practice manager about all of this. They should be more flexible than this. However, is it that you really CAN'T use the phone, or do you just find it difficult? I can relate to that- I suffer with anxiety and hate using the phone, but I force myself. Good luck!

ItsBeginingToLookAlotLikeChris Tue 02-Dec-14 15:18:56

sounds uttlery beyond ridiculous to me...yes they have a hard time on docs reception but for goodness hard to put a memo somewhere about your condition?

itiswhatitiswhatitis Tue 02-Dec-14 15:19:25

Oh dear they're not being very helpful? I think you will need to ask someone to phone for you but chances of phoning on the day AND getting the specific DR you want are slim.

Is it feasible to find a different surgery? Mine has an online booking system and an automated phone booking system so never need to phone for an appointment anymore.

ThatDamnedBitch Tue 02-Dec-14 15:19:42

No, it's not you, they should try and acommadate you. But, they're probably a very busy practice and don't have the means to make special arrangements. (Although, really they should). Is there anyone who can phone and make the appointment for you?

Really though if your GP knows about your anxiety in regard to using the phone then they should have systems in place to help you make an appointment. It is ridiculous that 3 days before you need the appointment they can't just book it for you.

When you are through this bout of anxiety and feeling a bit better, I would suggest writing to the practice manager and explaining your circumstances and asking them to come up with a way this can be avoided in the future.

InfinitySeven Tue 02-Dec-14 15:20:08

Giving me my prescription would be a start. Then I'll be able to call.

Or emailing me.

Or making me an appointment in advance, so I can work out transport, rather than making me call at 8am, which will be difficult enough, and then work out transport.

I know this would be a lot easier if I could pick up the phone, but I can't... I just can't.

There's no one else here who can call for me. I'm on my own for a while.

InfinitySeven Tue 02-Dec-14 15:20:18

Giving me my prescription would be a start. Then I'll be able to call in a few days, when I've taken the meds and settled.

Or emailing me.

Or making me an appointment in advance, so I can work out transport, rather than making me call at 8am, which will be difficult enough, and then work out transport.

I know this would be a lot easier if I could pick up the phone, but I can't... I just can't.

There's no one else here who can call for me. I'm on my own for a while.

rumbleinthrjungle Tue 02-Dec-14 15:21:19

Would you feel more able to go to the desk in person at that time in the morning? Our local GPs prioritise people actually there in person to book appointments, although it means making the appointment and coming back later. It isn't good they're not helping you with this access issue.

Bearbehind Tue 02-Dec-14 15:21:30

But f you need to make arrangements to get a lift to the doctors then you surely have to communicate with them somehow- can't that person make the call too?

rumbleinthrjungle Tue 02-Dec-14 15:22:22

Ah, cross post, sorry. The transport isn't going to make it easier to go in unless you can sit and wait, or there's a nearby coffee shop.

itiswhatitiswhatitis Tue 02-Dec-14 15:23:29

Email the practice manager today and explain your current situation.

Primaryteach87 Tue 02-Dec-14 15:24:39

Sounds really tough. I think you should write a complaint to the practice manager (if you feel able) explaining that their policies are making you very unwell and unable to access treatment.
In the meantime you could contact Mind and see if they have any advocates in your area who might be able to help you get your prescription.
Failing all that, get a taxi to GP. Cry and. Don't leave until someone sees you.
Hoping you feel better soon. X

GraysAnalogy Tue 02-Dec-14 15:25:17

This is ridiculous and when you feel up to it, I'd be writing a letter of complaint because this could actually be classed as some form of discrimination if you can class your anxiety as disabling, which it is if you cannot complete day to day tasks.

It's not hard for one of them to just go a little bit further and help you.

Ours now have an online thing that is so much better for me.

And the point is you shouldn't have to ask anyone else to do it for you. They should accommodate your request.

CrunchySlippers Tue 02-Dec-14 15:30:57

its a crappy situation, but if they are one of those surgeries that only take apts if you phone in the morning, you might be better off finding a new surgery?

TywysogesGymraeg Tue 02-Dec-14 15:33:27

Can't you ask a neighbour, or someone at work (your manager or someone) to make the call for you?

I'd also put everything in an email to the Practice Manager and ask them to help find a solution to the catch 22 you seem to be in.

But surely, you must be able to find SOMEONE who could make a phone call for you?? they don't necessarily need to live in the same town as you.

NewNamePlease Tue 02-Dec-14 15:39:24

Sorry but if they did it for you they would have to do it for other people too. Elderly people who can only go on a day someone is there to help them, mums with disabled children who have to work around various other appointments.
I don't think you are being unreasonable but it is one of those things.

Can the person who is taking you there on Friday not call for you on Friday? Is there no one else you can ask to call for you, they don't have to be with you just to ring the surgery.

NewNamePlease Tue 02-Dec-14 15:41:12

I'm free Friday morning. You can pm me the number and I'd happily call for you, surely all the receptionist needs is your name and if they ask anything else whoever is calling can just say that it's personal for the doctor only?

CrohnicallyAnxious Tue 02-Dec-14 15:41:22

There must be other patients at he practice who can't use a phone- deaf people for instance. What arrangements are in place for them, and would you be able to do the same (even if it meant using a type talk marine or similar?)

Mammanat222 Tue 02-Dec-14 15:42:32

Agree about getting someone to call for you (or pretending to be you)

CaulkheadUpNorth Tue 02-Dec-14 15:42:43

This might not help, but my therapist rung my gp as spoke to them. I was having fortnightly appointments and it was pretty impossible to get them, and therefore had no prescriptions/medication. The therapist explained what I needed and that sort of thing, and the doctor agreed with the appointment plan the therapist suggested.

Is there someone like that who can speak to the doctor on your behalf?

gamerchick Tue 02-Dec-14 15:44:02

Unfortunately you're going to have to find a way to meet their demands. If you can just email stating a date and a doctor then so should everybody else.

Why haven't your meds been put on repeat with a yearly review? I get mine like that.

If you have somebody to take you as has been said can they ring for you on the morning? Or surely you have someone somewhere in the country who could do it for you.

Idontlikepeas Tue 02-Dec-14 15:45:47

I see that this is difficult but why did you let your medication run out. It might help you in the long run to prevent crisis if you can plan ahead, so you don't run out of medication. Perhaps when you see the doctor you should also try to book the next appointment at reception when you leave and that would avoid this. For now, why don't you go down in person and book one at reception

Idontlikepeas Tue 02-Dec-14 15:47:26

Sorry, I didn't mean that to sound as unsympathetic as it did. I know how overwhelming anxiety can be so I hope you do manage to get something sorted

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