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To send this to my DP...(involves the C word)

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lemisscared Mon 01-Dec-14 22:37:14

Because quite frankly he has behaved like one! and i was really upset and this made me cry laughing grin

you are a cunt

I am very immature

EatShitDezza Mon 01-Dec-14 22:40:46

I've shared this on FB

It's quite a catchy tune tbh. Quite a happy little song

DoraGora Mon 01-Dec-14 22:41:27

Well, yes. What can I say. It's a message, of sorts.

grumpyoldgitagain Mon 01-Dec-14 22:45:53

Have another look on you tube for bastard by Jenny Talia

I guess that may be fitting as well

Mrsstarlord Mon 01-Dec-14 22:50:13

I'm going to send this to my dh every time he decides to give up smoking without patches.

lemisscared Mon 01-Dec-14 22:51:51

That'l help!!

Mrsstarlord Mon 01-Dec-14 22:58:02

Was that for me? He is when he does that, refuses point blank to use a patch because 'he's fine without it' and he's fucking poisonous not. Made him promise to tell us next time he does it so we can move out for a while but he's had a bad accident and I need to be here to care for him so I can't even go to stay at mum and dads with the kids.

He'll eventually see the funny side when he has a cig

Mrsstarlord Mon 01-Dec-14 22:58:58

Posted too soon - will send it from another building though because I'm a coward

lemisscared Mon 01-Dec-14 22:59:48

My bastard is like this when he has had too much coffee, which reminds me, the fuckwit had an extra shot in his neros today, the woman did tell him there already two shots of expresso in it. My face was hmm hers was shock

Mrsstarlord Mon 01-Dec-14 23:01:17

Time for a quick exit!

saintsandpoets Mon 01-Dec-14 23:02:40

Sounds like a Lily Allen single.

StillSquirrelling Mon 01-Dec-14 23:04:40

I love this! From now on I'll be able to insult people to the highest degree, without them even knowing, by just humming the tune to myself! grin

DustBunnyFarmer Mon 01-Dec-14 23:14:58

Excellent use of the comic sans font too. It has reminded me that I need to pay more attention to what my children (9 and 7) are watching on YouTube too.

DustBunnyFarmer Mon 01-Dec-14 23:15:20

Oh, fuck - too much "too" in that last post.

DustBunnyFarmer Mon 01-Dec-14 23:17:52

It has reminded me of another annoyingly catch YouTube favourite in this household (for the benefit of anyone over 35 who might remember it first time around): Adam and Joe's footy song Arse! I'm going to be humming that for the next couple of days, I can just tell.

DixieTreats Mon 01-Dec-14 23:18:19

THAT HAS MADE MY NIGHT. I have cried andsnorted with laughter. My in-laws have been massive cunts and I am SO tempted to push this their way.

Andrewofgg Mon 01-Dec-14 23:44:57

Nice tune but I don't quite understand the words, would somebody care to explain?

Bulbasaur Mon 01-Dec-14 23:59:38

Ha! Where was this a couple years ago when I needed it?

I have a small list of people I'd have loved to send it to. Is it too late?

CallMeExhausted Tue 02-Dec-14 03:28:41

This one is a favourite go to for me when things are just not going right.

Unfortunately, it is usually at home when it all goes cattywompus, so the "send me home" part never goes my way.

TeeBee Tue 02-Dec-14 10:23:19

I love it. Had me howling. smile

lemisscared Tue 02-Dec-14 16:42:59

arrrggggghhhhhhh - turned into a bloody ear worm and kept me awake last night

DuelingFanjo Tue 02-Dec-14 17:14:09

OH I have SO MANY people I think should see this.

icecreamcrackers Tue 02-Dec-14 17:15:00

This song has made my day!

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