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To be dissatisfied with this service?

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TallulahBellatrix Sun 30-Nov-14 22:18:20

I am so cross about this I am not sure if I have got it out of perspective - I'd really appreciate some advice please! (Sorry if it's long)
We bought a second hand range cooker prior to moving into our new house and were really pleased with it. Unfortunately it fell over in the moving van (our own), shattering the glass top and damaging the frame.
I immediately contacted the manufacturers to find out about repairs, I was told we would pay a one off fee of £299 which would cover a new glass top as well as any other damage to the hob. I was surprised by this and was careful to make it very clear the extent of the damage.
Fast forward to now, 6 weeks down the line. We had 3 visits, a different engineer each time who had not received any sort of handover from the previous visits, meaning that they did not have the right parts or know how to put it back together. The company did not call to instruct us of when the visits would be (as they said they would) I had to call them and chase each time. After the third visit, I phoned saying that it had been 5 weeks without an oven, we have a toddler and it was unsatisfactory (the second engineer had told us it should not be used at all). The call taker stated that there was no reason why we couldn't use the oven, just not the hob, and that she would double check with the engineer and inform me immediately if it was not safe to use. I did not hear from them so began to use the oven.
They then sent a senior engineer to assess it (4th visit) who stated that not only should we have been told it was a write off in the first instance due to the damaged chassis, it was definitely unsafe to use - he was shocked that it was even wired up, stating that 'it could have gone bang at any time' disconnecting it immediately from the wall. He told me that they would refund the initial fee, less a £50 call out charge.
Am I unreasonable to expect more than this, particularly in light of the dangerous advice I received which could have put my family and home at risk?
Thankyou if you have got this far, sorry it is so long!

Heyho111 Sun 30-Nov-14 23:07:30

The service you've received seems to useless. I would be writing a letter of complaint I think.

TallulahBellatrix Mon 01-Dec-14 17:40:34

Thankyou very much for your reply!
I called them again today, not expecting much help, and they have agreed to refund the full amount, and give us a discounted new appliance so we got somewhere in the end! Thanks again for taking the time to reply

Heyho111 Mon 01-Dec-14 18:10:03

That's really good news ! And in time for Christmas ��

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