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AIBU to not rock and push my 21 month old to sleep during the day?

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dottytablecloth Sun 30-Nov-14 11:51:03

Especially as I'm 38 weeks pregnant and the wee monkey will invariably wake up and howl the second we stop.

I can't do it anymore- he has to learn that if he's tired he has to just sleep, doesn't he? Or am I being harsh?

I know he's tired now but in fairness he has a horrific cough which us keeping him awake. We've been for a 20 mins walk and I've pushed him round the house for 15 mins but I've had to stop and now he awake and crying. I know he's tired but I can't sustain this confused sad

He won't sleep in cot or on sofa during the day, buggy only.

How on earth do other people manage?

Is it v U of me to say to him "sod it, if you're tired, sleep."

He still needs a 2 hour sleep every day or he's like a demon.

Whatsthewhatsthebody Sun 30-Nov-14 12:04:11

Poor you. Do whatever you have to do to get by and do what's best for you.

It will pass. it will pass. Keep saying that to yourself.

Selinasupreme Sun 30-Nov-14 12:17:24

I want to stop doing this also! I try the cot and cuddling watching tv and he goes vacant for a bit then he's up screaming. Being pregnant and tired I don't want to take dc1 on long walks for ages in the rain for a nap.

dottytablecloth Sun 30-Nov-14 12:22:56

It's horrific isn't it?

Absolutely nothing is working today, the only thing he wants me to do is carry him around which I physically can't do as I'm so heavily pregnant.

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