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To ask if you like these shoes?

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mindthegap79 Sun 30-Nov-14 09:12:20

A first world problem, I know. I bought these shoes on a whim, but now I'm not sure. When I tried them on at home, DH's eyebrows simultaneously hit the ceiling. Now he's being over complimentary about them, which means he hates them. Are they actually horrible? I'm not sure...

beginnerrunner Sun 30-Nov-14 09:14:22

I don't like them at all. Sorry! They'd be much nicer without the weird tassels.

montymonty Sun 30-Nov-14 09:15:01


duckbilled Sun 30-Nov-14 09:15:22

Sorry they don't do anything for me blush

WeirdCatLady Sun 30-Nov-14 09:15:49

Oh my god, I had some shoes like that back in the 70's confused

The only important opinion here is yours. Do YOU like them?

beeny Sun 30-Nov-14 09:16:08

Sorry they are horrible.

Concordial Sun 30-Nov-14 09:16:29

They're not my cup of tea but not hideous either.
Depends on what you would wear them with. Sorry, I'm not very useful am I?

NoSundayWorkingPlease Sun 30-Nov-14 09:17:10

Nice enough without the tassels. The tassels ruin them for me though.

Janethegirl Sun 30-Nov-14 09:17:35

Not my cup of tea, but as long as you like them that's what matters

Nervo Sun 30-Nov-14 09:19:08

They look uncomfortable. Not keen on the tassels either.

Bluestocking Sun 30-Nov-14 09:20:05

I quite like them, they've got that 70s Mum thing going on. You'll need a denim skirt and a spritz of Charlie.

mindthegap79 Sun 30-Nov-14 09:20:32

Thanks all! I always had doubts about the tassels. I shall return them I think!

They are actually surprisingly comfy however!

my2centsis Sun 30-Nov-14 09:40:56

I wouldn't wear these hmm

madsadbad Sun 30-Nov-14 09:43:38

I don't hate them, I would not personally wear them but I do find them strangely interesting confused

LongDistanceLove Sun 30-Nov-14 09:48:50

I think with the right outfit they could look really good.

The most important thing is if you like them. If you don't take them back.

Icimoi Sun 30-Nov-14 09:49:06

I probably wouldn't buy them but I wouldn't think twice about it if I saw someone else wearing them.

fivepounds Sun 30-Nov-14 09:54:11

Yes, they're horrible. They say 'I am incredibly dull but desperate to not be'.

CheckpointCharlie Sun 30-Nov-14 09:55:14

I really like them!

And if they are super comfortable that is a massive plus!

I would keep them, they are really nice.

SmellyFartado Sun 30-Nov-14 09:55:19

No, really do not like them sorry.

NeedABumChangeNotANameChange Sun 30-Nov-14 09:59:15

The shape is not nice, the heel is quite ugly stuck on like that and the low cut bit at the front looks wrong. Looks like three shoes stuck together. On the other hand I quite like tassels blush

AlpacaYourThings Sun 30-Nov-14 10:01:33

Hideous. Absolutely hideous.

youmakemydreams Sun 30-Nov-14 10:05:14

I like them. I also like the lace up heel brogues they have too.
I want both.

BooDidIScareYou Sun 30-Nov-14 10:10:43

ooh no. sorry.

SmartiesMakeMeNaughty Sun 30-Nov-14 10:16:02

I like them a lot but my dress sense is, um, not quite everyone's cup of tea.
So my vote for the shoes being rather lovely is probably technically a vote against them.

bloodyteenagers Sun 30-Nov-14 10:23:48

Oh god the black shiny ones are even worse. Didn't think it would be possible.

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