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to wonder what they do with all the turkey eggs and suspect a CONSPIRACY?

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stinkingbishop Sat 29-Nov-14 16:17:51

Ah, the joys of having twins with croup, and the idle musings of the small hours as I cradle them...last night's mental meanderings were on a) why exactly IS fresh air good for you and b) what the blazes happens to all the turkey eggs?

So, I understand why it doesn't make economical sense to rear turkeys for eggs alone, as they lay less, and take up more room. But they're being reared for the thanksgiving/Christmas table. So they're laying anyway. Apparently, as one would imagine, they're simply bigger, richer hen's eggs.

Where do they all go? Is Bernard Matthews eating them all?

In all seriousness though, people in this country are going the risk of being a latterday Marie Antoinette, can we let them eat turkey eggs???

I think we should be told. I am deeply suspicious. I may stage a one woman march. That would be eggsciting wink.

ghostyslovesheep Sat 29-Nov-14 16:23:25

sorry to scramble your theory grin

PortofinoVino Sat 29-Nov-14 16:25:09

My Mum and I once flew to France on a commercial aeroplane which was carrying: the pilot, the co-pilot, my Mum, me...........and 35,000 inseminated turkey eggs. Go figure grin

ouryve Sat 29-Nov-14 16:32:02

There's a farm shop nearby that has the odd turkey egg. The turkeys like to come and see what you're doing, too!

Nomama Sat 29-Nov-14 16:34:10

I suspect the link explains that turkeys are not chickens, they don't lay daily, eggs are rare.

They are, however, bootiful smile

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 29-Nov-14 16:35:58

I have to say that I adore Clarence Court eggs, they taste fan-bloody-tastic!

NeedABumChangeNotANameChange Sat 29-Nov-14 16:36:51

Most animals raised for meat like Turkey for thanksgiving are not kept right/ happy enough to be laying eggs/ reproducing. Also most turkeys you eat are too young to be laying.
If you think the average frozen chicken is only about 40 days old when it is slaughtered. Don't know what age turkeys are though.

NeedABumChangeNotANameChange Sat 29-Nov-14 16:38:18

Am now quite keen to try a turkey egg. Currently loving boiled or poached duck eggs but for scrambled chicken eggs are the best!

stinkingbishop Sat 29-Nov-14 16:40:00

Wow. I want a Rhea egg now smile.

So do they inseminate them ALL and turn them into the baby turkeys for next year? REALLY?

Because apparently we eat 10m turkeys at Christmas. And the average turkey lays a minimum of 90 eggs a year. Which is just shy of a BILLION eggs.

Which makes Clarence Court's attempt to posh them up a bit cheeky.

I am going to write to the Turkey Board. We need to know. There's an awful lot of cheese omelettes going a-begging.

NeedABumChangeNotANameChange Sat 29-Nov-14 16:42:14

Right I went on google. So the average turkey is eaten at 5 months old but they don't lay eggs until they are about 7 months! Just to complete the info chickens start laying at 5 months on average.

So you Xmas Turkey won't have laid any eggs- Bernard Matthews gets none for his brekkie.

figgypuddings Sat 29-Nov-14 16:43:32

I think turkeys only lay eggs for a very short period, a week or so once a year.
In spring.

stinkingbishop Sat 29-Nov-14 16:44:05

Oh b*gger smile.

Nomama Sat 29-Nov-14 16:45:14

Yes, they haven't been bred into daily egg laying machines, as with chickens as we see them as a meat bird, primarily.

So they still lay naturally, spring time only, just like other normal birds do.

GobblersKnob Sat 29-Nov-14 16:45:25

They don't get to a sufficient level of maturity to lay eggs, they are slaughtered when still relative babies, as are chickens bred for meat.

gussiegrips Sat 29-Nov-14 16:53:41

I've got them. All of them. Yum. <burp>

figgypuddings Sat 29-Nov-14 17:56:54

Useless turkey fact but day old male turkeys can fan their tail feathers out. It does not happen again until they are much older.

toomuchtooold Sat 29-Nov-14 18:05:36

I don't know about the turkeys but jesus, twins with croup? Croup?? Your username is familiar, aren't yours toddlers like mine?

(googles croup)

"Affects children between 6 months and 3 years"

Oh crap. We just had double chickenpox, I thought we were done!

WaroftheRoses Sat 29-Nov-14 18:37:30

Turkeys have a short laying season-usually March to October. They do lay most days during this time. But as already said-the poults (baby turkeys) are grown on for less than a year for meat. So it is unusual to eat the eggs as they are wanted to produce plenty of offspring! Young turkeys are also a bit like sheep in that their main aim in life is to find the quickest yet most obscure way to die so that increases the demand for poults!

stinkingbishop Sat 29-Nov-14 20:20:28

Yep toomuchtooold, 2 x two and three quarters years olds barking like seals and gasping for air and really not very happy at all and they're getting too big really to be able to lift them both for a cuddle so you have to make this dreadful choice, don't you. But the worst has passed and we didn't need to go to hospital, they just got a steroid boost, so another tick on the long list of building up the immunity! Chickenpox still to come...I'm expecting we'll get that for Xmas smile.

I am so annoyed about the turkey thing. I thought I had discovered the poultry equivalent of fish bycatch!!! I was going to feed the world/get a Nobel at least. Darn it.

toomuchtooold Mon 01-Dec-14 21:38:45

That sounds awful but I'm glad you avoided a hospital admission! Knackering...
Chickenpox can just sod right off. Mind, one caught it off the other so they were 10 days apart... at least we didn't have both at the one time. It was really odd looking after one child! They are much quieter and more focused on their own.

My nursery reckon that spring is the usual chickenpox season but it's been doing the rounds around here now. Bloody London.

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