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Is 28th November too early to decorate house?

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CalamityGem Fri 28-Nov-14 23:18:45

My lovely sister has posted pictures of her house gorgeously decorated for Christmas. AIBU? I can't even begin to think of doing that until at least sometime in.....i don't know......December perhaps!!

Mintyy Fri 28-Nov-14 23:21:22

Yes! unless there is a very special reason for it.

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Nov-14 23:22:11


Fabulous46 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:23:16

People are different in their choices when to put Christmas decorations up. Some people like them up early, some hate them. There's no right and no wrong, just personal choice which is allowed Nd shouldn't be judged.

Fabulous46 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:23:59

and shouldn't be judged.

EdwiniasRevenge Fri 28-Nov-14 23:24:01

I'm doing mine tomorrow.

I normally do it the first weekend in Dec but DCs are at their dads next weekend.

MsVestibule Fri 28-Nov-14 23:24:44

I'm beginning to think I'm in the minority among my friends as I haven't decorated my house yet, and won't until next weekend. If it was up to me, I'd leave it until 14/15 December, but I've been overruled by the DCs and an overexcited DH.

ouryve Fri 28-Nov-14 23:25:53

YANBU. It's far too early.

We decorate the weekend after school breaks up. No time for anyone to either get bored of it or break it before December 25th, that way.

And baubles and tinsel don't half gather dust, if left out too long.

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Nov-14 23:26:23

We've just had birthdays and the tree is still up the loft so don't know when it will make it downstairs. too early!

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Nov-14 23:27:22

our school breaks up the day before Xmas eve so that would be too late!

odyssey2001 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:27:26

We are putting ours up on Sunday as the advent calendar comes out on Monday. We have a three year old though. Before we had kids, it was about two weeks before Christmas.

AuntieStella Fri 28-Nov-14 23:28:15

I think before Advent Sunday, it's premature. But that's this Sunday and perhaps she's busy for the rest of the weekend.

Janethegirl Fri 28-Nov-14 23:28:18

Depends on when I find time to do it. Not v likely this weekend tho'.

puntasticusername Fri 28-Nov-14 23:28:50

It's far too early for me, but if it makes her happy - live and let live!

ouryve Fri 28-Nov-14 23:32:10

The day before Christmas eve is perfect! grin

Lomega Fri 28-Nov-14 23:32:22

DH has told me in no uncertain terms we are not allowed to decorate until mid-December.

I plan on pestering him to let me do it next weekend as I'm working the one after and then we have xmas parties etc from the weekend after THAT onwards...we both work so its a matter of finding time to enjoy doing it!!

i would happily have decorated last week sad but I fear this will get me a MN bollocking grin

nic013 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:33:23

It ok to put the tree up now. Definitely not too early. Mine's been up for two weeks now and it's awesome.

gregsageek Fri 28-Nov-14 23:33:40

We are doing ours this weekend. But we are in the States and the second Thanksgiving is over, everyone chucks the decorations up! I love it tbh, means you get a whole month of feeling Christmassy. smile

stargirl1701 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:34:06

Yes. St Andrew's first, then Advent followed by Christmas!

Redglitter Fri 28-Nov-14 23:35:28

Far too early any time in Nov is too early

nic013 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:38:32

It's never too early to put the tree up.

TheEnchantedForest Sat 29-Nov-14 00:40:25

Sunday 28th is the first Sunday in advent when the church start preparing for Christmas so not too early in that case. It's only advent calendars that start the count down on 1st December.
is your sister particularly religious?

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Sat 29-Nov-14 00:49:20

If it makes her happy then YABU; it isn't like you have to do it. I bet her children think she's the best mum ever; mine would be jealous grin

There is a right time for everyone and no size fits all. Be happy that she's happy.

SwedishEdith Sat 29-Nov-14 01:04:28

I assume the ones who have them up already ar the ones who ask if Boxing Day is too early to take them down again.

ipswichwitch Sat 29-Nov-14 01:09:24

Too early. I can't be doing with hoovering around the tree and dusting decorations for that long before Christmas. Ours always used to go up around the 12th, but since DS2 has his birthday on the 13th it'll be about 5 mins after that so it's not all lost in Christmassy stuff.

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