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to switch DS's formula AGAIN 'cause I'm a fecking moron!!

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DonnieDonDonnn Fri 28-Nov-14 20:58:56

Hey girls

I need some advice about my DS (6 weeks old), recently we had him on Cow & Gate comfort milk for 5 weeks and then switched to anti reflux when we suspected he had a touch of reflux. After switching to the anti reflux for two days I noticed DS started to strain and cry more when trying to poop and that his poos became less paste and fluid like but hard and play dough like but still yellow (so not sure if he's constipated) so fearing we'd done him more harm than good we switched again (I know very bad) to Cow & Gate first milk.

Ever since DS has got it he's been able to take a few sucks before he starts crying/choking and refusing his bottle. He arches his back and straightens out his legs when feeding and when I've tried to burp him, I can even hear an odd bubbling/gurgling noise when DS feeds....

my questions are is it the constant switching that's causing this or is it silent reflux? Should we put him back to anti reflux or comfort or preserve with first milk because maybe all the switching has annoyed him and he needs time to adjust? Feel free to slam me I know I'm an idiot just worried and need quick advice for DS sadflowers

MiaowTheCat Fri 28-Nov-14 21:01:35

Sounds like DD1 was and she ended up on prescription Neocate. We switched a couple of times desperately seeking a solution before we got there with a solution... the anti-reflux stuff can bung them up a bit, but we had the yellow play dough poos as part of the whole package as well.

You could really use getting a clued-in HV (I know they're variable) on the case and in our area they're the ones with direct lines to the dieticians for advice on that front.

DonnieDonDonnn Fri 28-Nov-14 21:07:01

Miaow, was the problem reflux with your DD in the end? Should I chance my arm with a HV? Was there any way to help with the play dough poo? sad

MiaowTheCat Fri 28-Nov-14 21:19:52

It was an allergy to cows milk protein (or an intolerance depending on how you define the two) - neocate made all the difference with DD2 - she still puked like mad but it was happy chucker reflux - she just puked but wasn't in pain. We got really lucky because our HV was very very on the ball with it all and nailed it straight away - it's worth pushing if you think something's wrong rather than just flailing about being fobbed off.

Lots of the anti-reflux stuff is thickened (to keep it from coming back up) so can bung them up a bit anyway - we went from (sorry to anyone eating their dinner) play dough to yellow vinegary poo and back and forth until it all got figured out.

She's since outgrown it all incidentally and is a 1 1/2 year old very accomplished climber, chaser of big sisters and babybell thief.

nocoolnamesleft Sat 29-Nov-14 02:42:15

Ask for help. It might be reflux, and the constipation is because of the thickened milk (seems to happen quite a bit). Or it might be cows' milk protein intolerance. Or it might not be much at all. But if you're worried enough to be posting on here, you're worried enough to be talking to your HV/GP.

Bulbasaur Sat 29-Nov-14 03:06:21

Switching food in general is rough on a baby's digestive system. So it's hard to tell if it was just simply switching that is making him sick or reflux.

Can you get an appointment in? If he's not eating that's a big red flag to get him in to be seen. Babies at so young are delicate and get sick easy, so it's important to get him seen as soon as you can.

Your GP can probably guide you best after assessing your baby.

Bulbasaur Sat 29-Nov-14 03:14:01

Oh, also what type of bottles do you use?

Do you have ones with the little straws in them to avoid air getting in? Dr. Brown's bottles are really great about that. DD never had a gas problem with them, we rarely needed to even burp her. We did, but she didn't have much to burp.

Darkandstormynight Sat 29-Nov-14 04:41:58

Ds sounded like this. Does your ds spit up a lot? We found the 'best of the worst' for us was Lactose Free even though ds was NOT Lactose intolerant. He was also on antacid drops (can't remember what brand but it was prescription).

Really the prescription was the only thing that really helped but like I said for formula Lactose Free was the 'best of the worst' for us.

CountryMummy1 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:16:13

My babies both had awful silent reflux as well As my niece so I am somewhat of an expert in it now!!

I found that all of ours got very constipated on comfort milk. Our paediatrician recommended Cow and Gate Carobel which is a thickening powder that you mix with their normal milk. It doesn't usually constipate, in fact often it makes them a little runny. This worked for my 1st child and niece.

My son was a different matter as he was very bad with the reflux and also had milk intolerance. He ended up on Neocate (don't be palmed off with other milk if you think this is the problem as all the other cheaper special milk has some form of milk in it) and omeprozole. Even this didn't work completely. I weaned him back onto normal milk with carobel and off his medication at 4 months and put him on solids at 5 months. The starting of solids and lessening of the volume of milk was what made the difference for him.

I should give carobel a try. Don't go down the infant Gaviscon route. It is basically just thickener like the carobel only it constipates terribly.

You can get carobel over the counter at the chemist although they usually have to order it in or online. If it works you can get it in prescription.

Hope that helps xx

CountryMummy1 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:20:50

Do not let them fob you off that infant Gaviscon is like adult Gaviscon which coats the throat and stops the burning/pain of reflux. Infant Gaviscon does not do this. It is simply a thickener. GPs often are unaware of this x

Gooseysgirl Sat 29-Nov-14 06:23:15

My son has silent reflux and the only thing that worked for us was ranitidine from GP. We used Hipp formula and Dr Browns bottles with both kids. My daughter was colicky and we tried a few formulas until we found she settled well on Hipp. So when my son came along we went straight to Hipp after a few weeks of disastrous BF attempt

Gooseysgirl Sat 29-Nov-14 06:24:13

I also agree, Infant Gaviscon was a waste of time

NobodyLivesHere Sat 29-Nov-14 06:33:53

Gaviscon worked wonders for my dd. You aren't an idiot OP but I think some advice from the hv would be beneficial.

FluffyRedSocks Sat 29-Nov-14 06:46:23

I really don't have time to read the replies, but if it's just the poo that's a problem on the anti reflux, my son is on it, but also has 2.5mls of pescribed lactulose which means he goes once a day and keeps him comfortable? Might be worth speaking to the drs if the anti reflux formula works for you

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