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To insist on paying

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BlueKarou Fri 28-Nov-14 15:25:31

I have just bought a new house. As my mother was helping me with some of the (numerous) DIY jobs, I mentioned that if I had unlimited money available I would replace my perfectly serviceable fridge/freezer with a bigger American-style one. My mother replies with the observation that my aunt, who recently had her kitchen re-done, was planning on selling her old fridge/freezer - perhaps I should ask to buy it from her.

So I ask, and am told I can have it for free if I can arrange transport. Transport should be easy; my dad's going up to sort her garden out and will see if he can fit it in/on his car. If not then I'll rent a van and collect it - she lives about an hour away, so it's not likely to break the bank if I do need to go the van route.

I should totally pay for this fridge, right? She was going to sell it, and so it would be all kinds of cheeky if I just took it without some sort of payment.

So the question is this; what is the going price for a used fridge? It's 4 years old, cost £600 new, and as far as I am aware it's in good condition. I have no idea what to give her, money wise. I don't know the exact make or model, so can't work it out on that front. Any ideas?

(Sorry, this is a WWYD rather than an AIBU, am doing the awful thing of posting for traffic!)

LadyLuck10 Fri 28-Nov-14 15:27:33

You've offered and she says have it for free so take it grin. Maybe get her some nice chocolates or something as a thank you.

MimiSunshine Fri 28-Nov-14 15:28:59

Ask her again if you could pay her for it. If she says no (she may just want rid) then send her a nice bottle of wine and some flowers as thank you.

Vinomcstephens Fri 28-Nov-14 15:30:05

I would suggest that your aunt, as the giver of the fridge, reserves final call with regard to whether you pay or not. If she's insisting you have it for free then it would be churlish to insist otherwise - however you should absolutely turn up with a nice bottle of wine and flowers to express your thanks smile

I am very envious - I want one too! Am off to canvass family members to see who might want to donate one grin

katiegee Fri 28-Nov-14 15:33:58

If you have offered to pay her and she has declined, maybe give her a call and ask her again? If she still says no I would suggest a nice bottle of wine, nice chocolates... maybe a gift voucher for somewhere? If you end up collecting it yourself maybe treat her to lunch?

I was always taught to offer, and if the person still insists on not accepting payment, the polite thing to do is take it and say thank-you... but you can still show her you appreciate her kindness in other ways smile

BackforGood Fri 28-Nov-14 15:41:10

I agree with everyone else.
Its nice to be able to give when you can. If youve asked and she said to have it for free, then thats what she wants to do.
Pass it forwards when you are able to do somethi g nice for someone else.

Optimist1 Fri 28-Nov-14 15:47:02

If I was the aunt, I'd probably be glad a) to be able to get rid of it without sending it to landfill and b) pleased that it would be of use to someone, especially someone in the family. In fact, OP, she probably thinks you're doing her a favour! I agree with others that a small gift to say thankyou would be in order.

Now you need to consider how you can best dispose of your old fridge/freezer!

KnackeredMuchly Fri 28-Nov-14 15:55:12

I always gift things to friends and family, so don't feel the need to 'push'. Ask again, plead to give her something - if she says no get her a nice bunch of flowers, or maybe a David Austin rose bush?

As for how much, I reckon she might get £200 on eBay? I wouldn't offer heran amount, maybe she would think that insultingly smalland want you to pay 300 grin

springlamb Fri 28-Nov-14 16:02:04

When I moved i to my first house, MIL bought the bed and DM bought the cooker as our 'setting up home together' presents. Everything else in that house came from family and friends, all donated, even our 3 piece suite ('twas the 80s) which my sister had given us and had been stored in her garage for weeks after her new one arrived.
People who love you love to help. A bunch of flowers, a big hug and an invite to dinner in due course should do it.

BlueKarou Fri 28-Nov-14 16:26:52

Oh wow, you're all fairly unanimous aren't you? I don't know if she's allowed chocolates or wine (medical reasons) so will check with my cousin as to what she would appreciate along with a bouquet of M&S's finest flowers.

Huge thanks to you all for being so decisive!

Optimist - my mum's already put in a bid for my old fridge/freezer to be a spare as her under counter one is fine for every day but lacking in space when the family descend at Christmas. It's suspiciously like she's some sort of white goods matchmaker, or fairy godmother, guiding fridge/freezers to their rightful homes. I shall definitely not be asking for any money for it mind!

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