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To be shocked at the dickheads in the Black Friday riots.

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NomorepepperpigPLEASE Fri 28-Nov-14 08:50:38

Woke up to lots of videos on my news feed of people actually brawling over tvs. Police men holding on to items while grown adults are trying rip it out of their arms. Men and women actually pulling, pushing and climbing on items with £30 off!

I feel sorry for the shop workers today. What A bunch of animals.

Fudgeface123 Fri 28-Nov-14 08:52:02

Yep I agree, disgusting behaviour. They've actually shut a Tesco near me due to fights.

Nocturne123 Fri 28-Nov-14 08:53:05

That's ridiculous and embarrassing . Lovely christmas spirit!

I shall be doing my shopping from the comfort of behind my computer

Cherrypi Fri 28-Nov-14 08:53:26

Is this an inevitable consequence of a society that values money and things above everything else?

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Nov-14 08:55:26

I cant stop thinking about that poor woman who fell over in the crush, in Asda.

As she lay on the floor, the guy behind her fell on top of her and it looked like he nearly broke her neck.

Then there was the poor little girl with her parents, who was in absolute tears.

All so they can grab a bargain. Bloody hell.

GothicRainbow Fri 28-Nov-14 08:57:09

I haven't seen any of these videos but it sounds horrendous.

Black Friday should be banned over here if people can't behave in a civilised manner!!

stiltonandmerlot Fri 28-Nov-14 08:57:57

absolutely disgusting. And the man from ITV was shouting at the Asda manager saying - this is your fault!
IT'S NOT HIS FAULT!! it's the absolute morons at the door.

formerbabe Fri 28-Nov-14 08:59:16

It is obscene consumerism... Actually makes me feel sick. I will be saving even more money than them today by not shopping at all!

ArgyMargy Fri 28-Nov-14 08:59:25

Well, what do we expect when it's been massively hyped by the media and the retailers for the last few weeks? I can't understand why people don't see this kind of thing coming and plan for it.

listed Fri 28-Nov-14 08:59:48

What an embarrassment.

I hope they call a halt to it and don't bother next year.


ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Fri 28-Nov-14 08:59:58

It's utterly horrific and greedy and disgusting and it shouldn't be allowed. This hype...people falling for grabby lemmings they are.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 28-Nov-14 09:00:57

Oh what?!

I've got a day off for Christmas shopping today. I really hope that the town I'm going to hasn't lost its common sense.

NomorepepperpigPLEASE Fri 28-Nov-14 09:01:32

For some people it's literally any excuse to cause mayhem and act like animals. I've just watched one where the recorder was laughing in glee and the scuffling. So embarrassed of this country sometimes

CyclopsBee Fri 28-Nov-14 09:02:06

I am not going anywhere near a shop today!
Bloody Hell, is it really worth it?!

ChoochiWoo Fri 28-Nov-14 09:02:14

seen bits of it, what is black fridays purpose?

ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Fri 28-Nov-14 09:02:14

I'd consider that again in your shoes Kitten I'm doing mine online this year apart from little things.

By the way...are we in any way in with a chance of snow this year?


EbwyIsUpTheDuff Fri 28-Nov-14 09:03:53

I have no problem with the shops having sales (I'm using the amazon one myself to get things for the kids which were previously too expensive)

I do have problems with people acting like twats.

there was just no need for violence or grabbiness...

One of my friends saw people climbing on wheelchair users to get to a bargain.. disgusting behaviour.

Neverbuyheliumbalonz Fri 28-Nov-14 09:04:11

It's just depressing - this is what we have become. Those people actually look like vultures fighting over the last few scraps of a corpse.

I don't get the telly obsession either - surely these people haven't been going without a telly for months so they can wait to get one with 30% off or whatever, but if they have a perfectly good one at home, why the need to fight someone almost to the death (literally it seems) to get one? Or are they selling it on ebay or something?

The mere thiught of the Next sale brings me out in a rash, so I shall be staying away from all shops today!

AlpacaYourThings Fri 28-Nov-14 09:06:20

Oh no, I need to go into town today. I really hope people can be more civilised hmm

SouthernOne Fri 28-Nov-14 09:41:30

I need a supermarket shop today. Wish I'd thought about it and arranged a delivery. I cannot imagine wanting anything enough to queue up outside a shop or fight over it.

sportinguista Fri 28-Nov-14 09:42:20

I think I'll just stay local for shopping, have only bought 1 thing so far on black friday deal and that was online. I certainly don't intend to join the madness!

I hate the pics of the Jan sales openings, I really can't be bothered with it all and there's rarely anything I actually want in it. I really feel it's all a symbol of how consumerist our society has become. I don't need to fight anyone for anything! hmm

SauvignonBlanche Fri 28-Nov-14 09:43:31

I was going I go into town today, I think I'll give it a miss.

curiousgeorgie Fri 28-Nov-14 09:44:34

People were 'climbing on wheelchair users'?

Really? hmm

ChippingInAutumnLover Fri 28-Nov-14 09:47:12

Blimey, I had no idea. I thought it was an online thing.

OYBBK - be careful x

NewEraNewMindset Fri 28-Nov-14 09:47:46

I see the equivalent of a rugby scrum around the reduced section in my local supermarket on a weekly basis. Sometimes I'm really confused why there is a group of people pushing and shoving in the corner and then see an employee trying desperately to mark goods down and put them on the shelf without being wrestled to the floor.

I'm not sure what's happened either but I suspect a lot of it is money troubles, desperation with some greed and consumerism thrown in.

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