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To ask why my son.

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PiperIsTerrysChoclateOrange Thu 27-Nov-14 21:28:03

DS has asd. He also has learning difficulties and has a 5a statement.

He has also just be diagnosed with hyper mobility syndrome and has very weak muscles.

If physio don't work he will need to be put in cast on both legs, failing that he will need an operation.

He is only 8 years old and already been through the mill.

When will life give him a break.

Why him, why is that not only has he got asd, but now is dealing with a new set of problems.

Thebodynowchillingsothere Thu 27-Nov-14 21:33:01

Oh sweetheart I don't know why things can be so unfair for some families and for some children.

Sending you all hugs and flowers

UmmAbdillah Thu 27-Nov-14 21:36:17

I'm so sorry... I couldn't just read and run. I can't imagine what you're going through and your DS so just want to give you a hug until someone much more eloquent comes along to provide more support on here flowers

Sirzy Thu 27-Nov-14 21:38:20

I think the "why us" feeling is normal. I wish I could say something that could help, but I can send hugs your way.

I find looking at a photo of DS smiling helps when I am having a "why him" moment xx

TheFirstOfHerName Thu 27-Nov-14 21:46:43

DS2 has ASD and also has problems with hypermobility and hypotonia (although much milder than your DS). Thinking of his friends who also have ASD, there seems to be some overlap between the conditions.

stillenacht1 Thu 27-Nov-14 21:56:48

"Why us" is so normal. My DS also has ASD and at 11 is just about verbal, no self care skills and still in nappies. I understand- you know the other day, for the first time I was talking about DS to a friend I said he was such a blessing- a true innocent, untainted by society and its bullshit. Its taken me 11 years to say these things out loud, for years and years I have hated the autism, couldn't see beyond it. I am hoping I am beginning to see a new way. I know you will too xx

Altinkum Thu 27-Nov-14 22:03:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LemonySmithit Thu 27-Nov-14 22:27:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PiperIsTerrysChoclateOrange Fri 28-Nov-14 00:04:35

I love him more than you can imagine, he is such a sweetheart.

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