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To wonder why Paddington is a PG?

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bigTillyMint Wed 26-Nov-14 20:18:57

Surely it is a kids filmconfused

Got99problems Wed 26-Nov-14 20:19:39

Wasn't there something about mild sexual references and violence?

bigTillyMint Wed 26-Nov-14 20:23:09

Surely the film maker would have ensured it was suitable to get a U - they could well miss out families with young children if it needs a PG classification?

HeeHiles Wed 26-Nov-14 20:23:54

Apparently there is a part where someone hides in a fridge - and another bit that shows a man dressed up as a woman being flirted with by another man - Should be XXX rated surely????? grin

I'll be taking my 9 year old - think she'll cope!

MishMooshAndMogwai Wed 26-Nov-14 20:24:58

I heard that it was because of the innuendo and the muttered use of questionable language.

However I also heard Hugh bonneville say that the sexual content was him being propositioned whilst dressed as a cleaning lady!

I wouldn't worry, I'm sure my dd has seen more disturbing things than that in her 3 years!

AuntieStella Wed 26-Nov-14 20:26:16

BBFC gives the reasons here (look at the "Insight" bit).

APocketfulOfSpondulix Wed 26-Nov-14 20:26:47

It's probably the scene where Paddington gets really pissed and vomits blue WKDs onto an elderly woman's shoes.

bigTillyMint Wed 26-Nov-14 20:28:52

I'm not worried - mine are teensgrin Just surprised.


RoundRobinSparkles Wed 26-Nov-14 20:33:14

I don't see the uproar confused. Frozen is a PG, as is Tangled and many other films for children.

Btw - I don't mean that you're having an uproar, OP but I've seen a lot of people complaining about it. I don't know why they're bothered though!

HeeHiles Wed 26-Nov-14 20:35:51

Paddington gets really pissed and vomits blue WKDs onto an elderly woman's shoes

Doesn't surprise me - I live in Paddington and that bear is always getting drunk and vomiting blue stuff everywhere grin !!

bigTillyMint Wed 26-Nov-14 20:45:27

There are infrequent scenes of dangerous behaviour, including Paddington hiding from a villain inside a refrigerator and riding on a skateboard while holding on to a bus - sounds like Frank Spencer to megrin

We3KingyofOblomovAre Wed 26-Nov-14 20:48:04

I heard Hugh bonneville discussing it.
Dressed up? Like a dame in a panto?

I don't care. Dh and I are taking a 10 year old and a 5 year old to see it. ASAP. I'm not sure who is more excited!

18yearstooold Wed 26-Nov-14 20:51:19

Perhaps it's because they predict the adults in the audience will not respond well to the completely wrong voice, and the wrong colour duffle coat

How very dare they!

GoodArvo Wed 26-Nov-14 20:52:02

I saw a preview screening a few months ago and some of it wasn't suitable for younger or more sensitive children. Nicole Kidman's character wants to kill Paddington and then stuff him as an exhibit. There are nasty looking knives and an incinerator scene. The version I saw wasn't the finished version and they may have toned it down since then. I hope so.

Otherwise, it's very sweet and has very good performances.

MrsWooster Wed 26-Nov-14 20:52:30

Because it is shite based on viewing trailer and Not Like Proper Paddington and a symptom of All That Is Wrong Today. Watch the old ones on YouTube and bask...

Frozenchipsareawful Wed 26-Nov-14 20:55:19

Give the children the books to read, had my first one bought for me at the age of 7 or 8 and read them all from the library! They are great, I loved them and I am sure they are better than this film will be!!

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