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Just had very heated row with my sister

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Nancy66 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:23:25

...over whether the mum in the song I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus was cheating.

My sister says the mum was clearly playing away and the kids saw it. I say it was her husband and the kids, in their innocence, didn't get that.


We did, however, agree that apart from the 5 Gold Rings the bloke buying presents in the 12 Days of Christmas song got it really wrong.

formerbabe Wed 26-Nov-14 18:24:26

I agree with you

TodaysFishIsTroutALaCreme Wed 26-Nov-14 18:24:42

You are right


Purplepoodle Wed 26-Nov-14 18:25:08

Er isnt it supposed to be the dad dressed as Santa

Leeds2 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:25:19

I have always thought it was her husband too.

BaffledSomeMore Wed 26-Nov-14 18:25:36

You're right.

Vitalstatistix Wed 26-Nov-14 18:26:25

I think you are right. Santa is normally played by dad in those soppy films. Dad dresses up. Although i dont know of anyone in rl who ever has. Why would a random bloke be in the house on xmas eve, dressed as santa?

GooodMythicalMorning Wed 26-Nov-14 18:26:31

Yes i always thought it was supposed to be the dad.

PrettyLittleMitty Wed 26-Nov-14 18:26:48

Yanbu. In the song 'santa claus' is daddy dressed up!

DealForTheKids Wed 26-Nov-14 18:27:02

I always thought the same as your sister and now I'm smacking my head in disbelief - of course you're right!! How did I never realise that the song has an unreliable narrator!!

Nancy66 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:27:03

Thank you.

Apart from anything else, it wouldn't be very Christmassy to have a song about kids witnessing their mum copping off with another bloke

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Wed 26-Nov-14 18:27:08

Of course it is her husband!

I think your sister might start ll believe in Santa...or her kids were listening in on the conversation so she was trying to keep up the pretense for their sake.

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Wed 26-Nov-14 18:27:43

*still, not start ll

steff13 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:28:48

It's Daddy dressed as Santa. Why would Mommy be cheating with a man dressed as Santa? Or, does your sister think that it's actually Santa Mommy is cheating with? Because Santa would NEVER cheat on Mrs. Claus. Just wouldn't happen.

Frozenchipsareawful Wed 26-Nov-14 18:29:11

There was a joke version of the twelve days of christmas that terry wogan used to play on his morning show with a guy moaning about all those pressies. I was a kid and found it funny each christmas! Agree, the santa in the song is the woman's husband dressed up!

Nomama Wed 26-Nov-14 18:29:28

You are definitely right, your sister is a loon.

The lyrics are about a kid creeping downstairs in her own home to see her mum kiss and tickle Santa Claus - Daddy playing dress up.

But YAB VVV U to have a heated row over it smile

magpiegin Wed 26-Nov-14 18:31:15

Doh. Penny drops. I just assumed it was the real Santa she was kissing.

BananaToast Wed 26-Nov-14 18:33:28

I also thought she was playing away but your version makes much more sense.

LineRunner Wed 26-Nov-14 18:34:13

But if the kids actually think their mum is copping off with another man, that's their Christmas fucked isn't it.

hackmum Wed 26-Nov-14 18:36:20

Nancy, you are definitely right. That's the joke of the song - they think their mum is playing away, but she's actually kissing their dad. Quite funny that some people haven't understood that!

Nancy66 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:36:34

LineRunner. That's true. Either their mommy is a ho or santa's not real. Either way there's no happy endings.

AdoraBell Wed 26-Nov-14 18:37:36

Everyone knows Santa is the husband.

SirChenjin Wed 26-Nov-14 18:38:14

Definitely the Dad dressed as Santa that's she kissing (definitely in my mind, therefore it's fact)

PlumpingUpPartridge Wed 26-Nov-14 18:39:49

Umm. I always assumed she was cheating on Daddy.

I'm 33 and have a doctorate.


Corneliusmurphy Wed 26-Nov-14 18:40:09

Girl thinks it would have been a laugh if her dad had seen the kissing. Seems a tad spiteful obviously since you (the listener) know it's really her dad you're supposed to be amused.

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